Brain Dump: Riverdale “Anatomy of a Murder”

1. Weird, this episode seems to be hidden on Netflix. It didn’t show up in the list of Riverdale episodes, but I could get to it from the end of the previous episode.

2. Hey Archie, you might want to tell the police too.

3. I’m surprised the parents aren’t being a bit more supportive.

4. Man, Jughead, your family is a wreck.

5. That whole “Give me the ticket for the next bus, wherever it’s going,” seems like a bad way to make any kind of travel plans.

6. Back to Pop’s!

7. Wait, hang on, wasn’t it Betty’s dad that broke into the Sheriff’s office and stole his files?

8. Yeah, why did he just confess?

9. Oh wow, Jughead came to school to apologize to Cheryl. That’s huge.

10. I guess I can understand Cheryl’s reaction, but still…

11. I should admit that just this morning I had this episode spoiled for me, so know how things play out. So I’ll probably be writing from that perspective.

12. Also, Jughead getting kicked out of school is pretty ridiculous.

13. Also, Fred is being an ass.

14. Can’t we all try to have some sympathy for the kid who’s whole life has basically been yanked apart over the last few days?

15. Oh well that’s gonna be Betty’s dad.

16. See, it was him that stole the files!

17. Wait, the Coopers are Blossoms? What the holy hell?


19. I mean, I guess the families are far enough apart genetically that the twins will probably be okay.

20. Juaquin was FP’s phone call? Well, that call was probably about the jacket, but I’m not sure how they’re going ot use it.

21. I wonder if Daddy Blossom is paying off FP to take the fall for the murder. He did visit him after his arrest, and possibly before his questioning.

22. I guess saying, “Do this or I’ll tell my dad,” has more weight when your dad’s the sheriff.

23. A bunch of teenagers going to confront a biker is maybe not a great idea.

24. Oh shit, looks like Mustang OD’d.

25. That seems like a pretty brutal coincidence. I wonder if he was offed because he knew something about what happened at The Worm.

26. That bag of money looks like a frame up too.

27. Although that was Hermione’s bag, wasn’t it? She paid off the serpents with it, I think.

28. Aw, Juaquin is leaving? He and Kevin were so good together.

29. Oh, is he talking about the jacket when he says there’s something else?

30. That “who is he protecting” cut from Jughead to the Blossoms seems pretty revealing.

31. Maple syrup has never been so ominous.

32. There’s Jason’s jacket. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

33. A USB drive? Good god.

34. (Dramatic watching of a computer screen)

35. Oh come on guys, you could let us see it too.

36. Sooooo, it was Mr. Blossom then. I’m guessing the motive was jealousy over his son’s natural red locks.

37. Oh, so Mr. Blossom used threats not money to get FP to confess. That’s sort of disappointing.

38. Yeah, the why was bugging me too. Was it all about the syrup?

39. OH SHIT SNACKS he hung himself. Well, that’s going to make it a challenge to figure out the whys of this. Goddamn you, Mr. Blossom!


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