Why I’m A Shitty TV Critic

As you might have noticed, I like writing about TV shows. The big giveaway, I think, is the fact that this blog space – which was originally created as a place where I could write about games and gaming – has become almost completely taken over by my thoughts on a variety of TV shows.

I like TV. I’m a believer that we are in the midst of a golden age of television. Even as Hollywood is busy cranking out sequels, remakes, and reimaginings, we can find some incredibly challenging, inventive, and original work on the small screen.

Which isn’t that small any more, come to think of it, thanks to some big ass TVs

The point is, I watch a lot of TV. Probably more than I should. But I only write about a fraction of it. Because I’m lazy.

I focus on writing about the shows that are easy to make fun of (Riverdale) or the shows that are easy to criticize (The Walking Dead) or, I guess, sometimes I shit out a review of a whole season of something that I’ve binged, just to record it, but I won’t do any kind of in depth examination of it on an episode by episode basis.

And yet, I’m watching some fucking amazing shows that I don’t say anything about, because, I think, I’m not sure what to say, because I’m too lazy to dig deep into them, to the kind of hard work that would make me a better writer about TV.

Just last night I spent two hours mesmerized by two television shows – both American Gods and The Leftovers each gave me one hour of some of the best television I have seen in recent memory. The final season of The Leftovers is doing some great work, and two episodes in, American Gods is one of the bravest, most confident shows I’ve ever laid eyes on. And that’s not just because the second episode featured two or three (depending on how you’re counting) fully engorged penises, more than I’ve ever seen on television before.

I really do wish I could do the kind of in depth break down of great shows that I’m doing right now with my Twin Peaks rewatch, but those posts are coming from a place of history. I can write about those episodes because I’m historically familiar with David Lynch, because this is the third time I’ve watched these episodes, because I’ve already formed these opinions from past views (or very nearly did) and all I’m doing now is reminding myself of what my opinion is.

And yet, I’m; really enjoying the work I’m putting into those recaps and reviews, and I do wish I could do that with more shows. Maybe I’m just not sure where to begin.


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