TP Countdown Day 8: Masked Ball

Twin Peaks has always been, at least in part, a soap opera. David Lynch and Mark Frost knew it, as did the rest of the writing stuff, and they never shied away from it. There were soapy moments in the past, to varying degrees, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything in the run of the show so far that was quite as soapy as the concluding moments of this episode.

Josie reappeared last episode, returning to Truman’s arms with a story about barely escaping her captor, I think, or maybe something else. Honestly, I pretty much zone out and stop paying attention the moment she opens her mouth, I’m afraid to say. That means I also missed most of what she had to say this episode about her dead husband Andrew Packard and some guy in Hong Kong named Thomas Eckhardt.

The important thing is that her husband Andrew is dead, and Josie is left with nothing, after whatever shenanigans occurred regarding the mill. So she turns to Catherine for help, which I can’t help but think is a terrible idea. Catherine agrees to employee her as some kind of servant, and then, after sending Josie on her way, the deceased Andrew Packard come sauntering through the door, and he and Catherine talk about how everything is going according to plan, because SOAP OPERAS.

Which was actually sort of a goofy, fun moment, that somehow creeped out of a plot line I give no shits about.

Another goofy and fun moment comes courtesy of David Duchovey’s amazing appearance as DEA Agent Dennis Bryson. I mean, sorry, it’s Denise Bryson now.

Oh yeah. It’s David Duchovny in a dress.

The best thing about this moment is the way Cooper reacts to meeting his old friend, who he once knew as Dennis, and who is now most definitely Denise. Specifically, he takes the whole thing pretty casually. And for a show that was on the air in 1990, to see a character take that kind of revelation so casually is so incredibly forward thinking. At no point does anyone treat this as some kind of gimmick or politically motivated character. Beat it’s just a guy who likes to put on women’s clothes. No big thing. Let’s move on.

Moving on, though, means getting into some less than stellar territory.

First off, I’m just going to say that, moving forward, I’m going to have very little, if anything to say, about the Little Nicky storyline, so I’m going to just get out my vague memory of it right here. Dick takes on a kind of Big Brother role to a kid named Little Nicky, to try to impress Lucy. Andy, who also wants to impress Lucy, decides to try to help out with Little Nicky. Little Nicky is kind of a little bastard, and chaos and shenanigans ensue until they start to think that maybe he’s the devil. And yes, it is as stupid as it sounds. Which is why I’m going to avoid talking about it.

I may also avoid talking about James’ storyline. He’s left Twin Peaks on some kind of Zen motorcycle journey of spirituality when he encounters Evelyn Marsh, who wants him to come and fix her husband’s Jaguar before her husband returns to town. She offers him room and board, plus anything else he thinks is fair (wink wink) to fix the car, and James agrees. There’s supposed to be some kind of femme fatale, dangerous flirtation going on here, except there is exactly zero chemistry between James and Evelyn, so no matter what happens, it’s not going to be very believable.

Nadine has a crush on Mike, continues to have superpowers, and gets drafted onto the school wrestling team, where she likely have the opportunity to grapple with Mike in all kinds of suggestive and uncomfortable ways.

Hank and The Professor get back from their hunting trip, but who the fuck cares.

Oh, and before I forget it, like I did with something similar in my last recap, Coop gets the chance to hear a little bit more about The White Lodge, and its spiritual opposite, The Black Lodge. Hawk tells how his people believe that one’s soul must travel through the Lodge(s) on their way to reach purity, and how one will meet their shadow self there. Now, I don’t want to make any crazy predictions here, but I kind of feel like this will be important in the coming weeks.

But what do I know. This is only the third time I’ve watched this series.


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