TP Countdown Day 6: Double Play

As we come to what seems to be the end of the James / Evelyn and Little Nicky storylines, it looks like we’re ready to leave the worst of Twin Peaks behind us. And I’m surprised to discover that the worst wasn’t as bad as I had feared, or remembered.

I think that’s partly because, even at its worst, it continued to give Agent Dale Cooper something to do, and Agent Dale Cooper is without a doubt the heart of the show. No mater how bad things might have gotten, Coop was there to add his unique wisdom and charm, and I’d be lying if I tried to pretend like seeing Cooper again wasn’t going to be one of the highlights of new Twin Peaks season.

But speaking of James and Evelyn, how the hell did Donna get to Evelyn’s place? And once she got there, why the hell did she just hide behind a tree? Oh, Twin Peaks, will you never cease with your impenetrable mysteries?

As we learned last episode, Leo has regained consciousness, and he’s not very happy at the way he’s been treated at the hands of Shelly and Bobby. As this episode opens, he seems intent on taking out his wife, though it seems as if during his time in a coma, Leo has somehow picked up some traits associated with horror film slashers, as he seems more intent on toying with Shelly than on actually killing her. This proves beneficial for Shelly, and also for Bobby, who arrives just in time to try to save her. True, his attempt doesn’t go very well, and he ends up almost choked to death by the axe handle in Leo’s hands, but that distraction gave Shelly the chance to find a knife and stab Leo in the calf.

Leo screams and escapes into the woods where, by the episode’s end, he discovers a mysterious cabin in the woods, and mysterious man, with a mysterious chess board, who introduces himself as Windom Earle. Now I’m not usually one for shipping, but I get the feeling that Leom will make quite the power couple in these coming episodes.

The Windom Earle storyline gets put into high gear with this episode, as we learn quite a bit more about Coop’s former partner, and the reason he has such a hate-on for Cooper – specifically the fact that Coop had fallen in love with Windom’s wife, Caroline, which led him to murder Caroline, and leave Cooper in critical condition. Probably not the best basis for a friendship.

Briggs also returns to the Sheriff’s station to inform Coop and Truman that he now suspects that the military’s search for the White Lodge may not be as entirely pure as he had hoped. He’s convinced that during his disappearance that he was taken to the White Lodge, but is still unable to remember any of it.

Ben continues to pretend to fight the civil war, but he appears to be on the verge of winning, so that’s got to be a good thing, though in his version, it’s the south that’s approaching victory, and I there’s no way I can in good conscience support that, even if it means a return to a stable mind for Ben.

Also, Pete now knows that Andrew Packard is still alive, and Thomas Eckhardt has arrived in town, so all that Josie business is about to get a whole lot more confusing. I can’t wait.


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