TP Countdown Day 4: Wounds and Scars

Much like Cooper’s chess game with Windom Earle, this was an episode that seemed dedicated to moving pieces around without much actually happening. It’s all about setting the stage for what’s to come.

To that end, we had some more chess moments, including Pete explaining to Coop that there’s pretty much no way to play a stalemate game without losing at least a few pieces, as well as Windom Earle, in one of his many disguises, delivering a pawn to Doc Hayward via his daughter Donna.

We also heard the first mention of the Miss Twin Peaks contest, when Norma suggests that Shelly enter. Shelly scoffs at the idea, but Earle, in yet another disguise, tells her she should enter, as she’s very pretty. Somehow this doesn’t creep Shelly out at all.

This episode also finally brings us the second love of Coop’s life, Annie, played rather flatly by Heather Graham.

Now Annie will become increasingly important between now and the finale, which is interesting as, at least as far as anyone can discern, she’s not going to be in the new season at all. If I had to guess as to her fate, I’d probably go with her either never waking up from the attack in the Black Lodge, or that she was killed by bad Cooper sometime after the season two finale.

But it’s still strange to see a character so important to these final episodes, and one who even plays a part in the prequel film (a scene which, I’m fairly certain, will play a pretty big role in the new season). Annie may have been flatly portrayed, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have wanted to see her back again.

While pieces are moved around this episode, Sheriff Truman has nowhere to go but down. The death of his lover Josie has left him in a pretty bad state, getting himself good and drunk in the Bookhouse. Both Hawk and Coop come to try to perk up his spirits at various points, but he’s having none of it. By the episode’s end, the combination of alcohol and a readily available firearm leave Truman only a few bad decisions away from blowing his own head off, but Coop manages to keep him grounded and among the living. For now, at least – speculation again has Truman pegged as a victim of bad Coop, explaining the character’s absence from the new season.

Further adding to the mystery of the Black Lodge, we learn that the Log Lady has a scar on the back of her leg that’s similar to the scar that has appeared behind Garland Briggs’ ear. They both remember a flash of light preceding a disappearance, as well as the sound of an owl.

In less interesting news, Ben Horne holds a fundraiser for the pine weasel, which leads to much chaos when the weasel gets loose in the Great Northern’s dining room, Eckhardt’s sexy assistant brings a gift to Catherine Martell before visiting the unconscious Sheriff in his bed, Audrey and Jack do some snogging, and Ed and Nadine continue to break up for the third episode in a row. Seriously, this is getting painful now.


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