Questions in a World of Blue: Twin Peaks The Return

I’ve been really struggling with the question of whether I was going to write up my thoughts on the new season of Twin Peaks.

Part of the reason I’ve been struggling is that I really want to. That was part of why I had been writing my commentary on my rewatch of the original series, to eventually segue into commentary on this new season. But I’m also afraid, especially now that I’ve been watching the new season, that I might not be able to write about it quite as well as I did the earlier episodes. Those hopefully insightful comments that I made were built on the fact that this was the third time I’d watched the series, and had had more or less 25 years of reflecting on the show itself and on David Lynch as a director.

I’ve had no such time to do the same thing with this new season. And even a few days after watching these new episodes, I’m still feeling almost as baffled as I did last Sunday night. Not to mention that there are probably hundreds of other writers who are doing the same thing, with hotter takes, and quicker commentary turnarounds than I can manage. What place does some goober like me have in that mass of TV critique.

But then I had two kind of epiphanies.

The first one, maybe the most important one, was that I still wanted to write about Twin Peaks. And I realized that it didn’t matter if I didn’t have anything insightful to say, or if I was just some goober in the ocean of commentary. I’m doing this for me first. If other people happen to enjoy it along the way, that’s great, but first and foremost this is for me.

The second epiphany was the realization that, even as I read a bunch of different reviews and critiques, there were certain subjects that I just didn’t see being discussed. Things, for example, like Darya’s toes (which maybe seems like a weird thing to want to discuss, but trust me, when I get to actually writing my thoughts on the first two parts of The Return, it’ll make sense) or the lamps in that apartment in New York. Observations that I’ve made that maybe mean something, or maybe don’t, but do inspire me to want to talk about them.

So I’m going to.

I’m not going to claim to have any answers, and I’m not sure I’ll be wandering down the path of fan theories. I feel like mostly I’ll be asking questions and flailing about for answers, which is why I plan on calling this series Questions in a World of Blue, which I’m sure someone else is already using, but if he, or they, can’t share, then maybe they should go back to the playground to learn some manners.

Most importantly, I really am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and digging around in all the weird of Twin Peaks, and if the first four episodes are any indicator of the 14 still to come, there’s a lot of weird for us to dig around in. And that suits me just fine.


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