Halloween H2K18


So apparently Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to Haddonfield and the world of Halloween, according to this tweet.

And apparently a lot of people are pretty excited about this. Which is sort of, uh, what?

I mean, I guess I can see something positive from this. The message being sent is that this (hopefully) isn’t going to be just some knock off, quick-buck, trashy Halloween film. They’re hoping to honor the original film(s) by bringing back the original star and, presumably, finish off her story.

Except, you know, we kind of already did that.

I’m sure anyone who’s excited about this upcoming Halloween film will also be familiar with Halloween H20, which while admittedly is kind of a silly name, attempted to course correct the series after parts 4, 5, and 6 produced diminishing returns. H20 was a pretty good entry, though the following films didn’t do much for Michael Meyers’ reputation, and while I enjoyed the Rob Zombie entries, I think I’m in the minority.

And so here we have filmmakers hitting the big reset button again. Except it’s this weird semi-reboot, where you’re not starting the franchise again, you’re just picking a random point along the timeline and saying, “That’s when I want my movie to take place,” and ignoring everything else.

Which, I’m sorry, but that’s just fucking lazy.

I grew up watching horror movies in the 1980s, the height of slasher film sequels, and I can tell you that you didn’t have the screenwriter of Friday the 13th Part 6 complaining that it was hard to do a sequel when the masked killer died in the previous film, so maybe he could just have his film take place after part two and ignore the other sequels. No, he did the fucking work, and yes that meant starting with a scene where Jason is resurrected via lightning, but whatever. You did what you had to do to tell your story and you connected to what came before.

I think I would have been more forgiving if they had let H20 stand, and made their film a follow up to that. H20 isn’t a great movie, but it isn’t a bad one either, and it did a lot to redeem the franchise after the pretty miserable sixth installment. Until Halloween Resurrection went and made such a mess of all the goodwill gained in H20.

But instead they want to go back and replace a film that already did what they’re trying to do, and the whole thing just seems so creatively bankrupt that I think I would have actually preferred a straight up reboot a la Rob Zombie.

Of course I’ll see the new Halloween. I’m a fan of horror films and of the franchise in general, and who knows, it could be the best thing since sliced bread and win all the Oscars. One thing it won’t do, no matter how much I enjoy it, is change my opinion here. Because no matter how good it is, it’s still fucking lazy.


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