Brain Dump: Mr Robot ‘power-saver-mode.h’

It’s been awhile since I did any writing about TV shows that I’m watching (except for my binge-a-thons) and I think that might be because Twin Peaks left me without much to say, and with my head kind of a smoking hunk of shrapnel. But I’m better now, so let’s get into the Mr. Robot brain dump.

1. Thank god for previously on.



4. He has a point about the milkshake.

5. Also, that’s an expensive goddamn milkshake.


7. “He’s kind of still alive.” Is that like being mostly dead?

8. Soooo, who is this guy? And, more importantly, who is he talking to?

9. Here at the start of Season Three of Mr. Robot, I feel compelled to once again say this is easly one of the best looking shows on TV.

10. Ooooh, that’s a tease of a mystery there.

11. This is a nuclear power plant? Is that right?

12. Oooh nice transition to the eyeball.

13. Is it weird that whenever Elliot asks a question I feel compelled to answer?

14. How did he end up at Angela’s place? Is that why the new guy wrote her name on his hand?

15. Also, it’s apparently a week later. AND THE POWER IS STILL OUT? Shit.

16. Don’t you hate it when just about everyone seems to know more about your own plan than you do.

17. Elliot, you were just shot for trying to stop this plan. I feel like maybe trying to stop it again is maybe not smart.

18. Also, if it’s been a week, why haven’t they finished phase two yet?

19. Well, they have had plenty of time to get all the gear out of that building.

20. Where has Mr. Robot gone?

21. Is it possible the bullet killed Mr. Robot? I mean, yeah, that’s kind of what happened in Fight Cub too, so sure it’s possible.

22. So this is probably going to be a weird reunion between Elliot and Darlene.

23. Watching Elliot put on his hoodie is like watching Batman suit up.

24. Well this looks like a fun place to hang out.

25. LAN party!

26. Hahaha, when he first said it was CTF tournament I thought he meant Quake.

27. “I was a cyber patriot finalist.”


29. This looks like a shitty place to be during an anxiety attack.

30. I mean, when you’re being followed by a murderous gang of hacker thugs, that’s probably not great for your anxiety either.

31. “Can you please take your hand off me and leave me alone.”

32. Well the shutdown didn’t quite go as planned.

33. Hahaha, I love it that Elliot had already memorized the license plate number of the car tailing them.

34. Holy shit, can you actually hack a car like that?

35. Darlene takes no shit.

36. It must be hard negotiating like this when you only know about half of what’s going on. And half is probably generous.

37. Well that was kind of sinister.

38. “It’s over.” I kind of feel like it’s not. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

39. “I don’t buy it.” That’s what I’m talking about, Darlene!

40. Wait, one of the hackers from last season was named Mowgli?

41. Um, Elliot your interior monologue is coming out of your mouth, you know.

42. Okay, this monologue is pretty fucking sharp right here.

43. Are you, though, Elliot? Are you really the one to blame?

44. Aaaaaand I guess that was all in his head then. That explains the whole actually speaking out loud thing.

45. Oh Jesus, now Elliot wants to work at Evil Corp?


47. What the hell is Angela talking about? How could they change everything that had happened?

48. And Mr. Robot returns.

49. Oooookay, so it seems like Angela was waiting for Mr. Robot to show up. Because she’s in on this plan too maybe?

50. How long has Angela been in on this?

51. It must be hard for the people around Elliot who don’t know about the whole multiple personalities thing.

52. “Why are you doing this?” Yeah, I was kind of wondering the same thing.

53. Okay, I guess that’s a fair explanation.

54. The choice of the word “undone” here seems telling. Is this somehow connected to her saying earlier that they might be able to change everything back to the way it was, even before their parents were killed?

55. Well, this certainly looks to be yet another compelling season of one of my favorite shows on TV. Good to have you back Elliot.


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