Brain Dump: Mr. Robot ‘undo.gz’

1. So, I’m not spoiled exactly, but I did see a review for this episode with a headline that indicated there’s a surprising death in this episode. So…yeah.

2. Haha, yeah, I hate when I destroy the global economy too.

3. Also, what a great fucking narrative twist to have Elliot end up working at Evil Corp.

4. Oh god, the bus full of emojis is great.

5. Was that guy sitting next to Elliot talking about poon?

6. He’s talking about poon.

7. Elliot’s approach to the corporate hierarchy is pretty innovative.

9. Also, the writing, directing, and editing of this opening might be the best thing I’ve seen on this show, and that’s saying something.

10. Also, love Elliot’s expressionless emoji.

11. And it’s a woman who finally listens to Elliot’s pitch!

12. Seeing the number of people he’s clearing out of E-Corp, maybe he should have been working from the inside all along.

13. Can we just give those first 8 minutes until the title an emmy right now?


15. “Fuck, what’s wrong with me.” That’s a question I can relate to.

16. Even when I’m depressed, I remember my birthday. Maybe that’s because remembering it makes me feel even more depressed.

17. Wow, that therapy scene was fucking intense.

18. I’m curious how the subplot with Mrs. Tyrell is going to play out. It feels so disconnected from the main storyline at the moment.

19. Has Tyrell been in contact with her last season? I’m pretty sure not.

20. Oh, but hey, look, they’re being followed.

21. The relationship between Darlene and the FBI seems … let’s call it strained.

22. It feels like a lot of first season threads might start to get pulled together here. Which is interesting, as I was thinking about how the second season kind of dropped a lot of the first season stuff.

23. Oh, that’s the bartender guy who’s following her.

24. Oh, buddy, threatening Mrs. Tyrell is a bad idea.

25. JOANNA. That’s her name, eh?


27. Is the beefy bodyguard dead?

28. Holy shit, Mrs. Tyrell is dead!

29. I guess that’s the surprising death. To which I can only say, WHAT THE FUCK.

30. Okay, beefy is still alive. Mrs. Tyrell is very much not. WHAT HAPPENS TO BABY TYRELL?

31. Well that was all kinds of fucked up.

32. And now we’re popping open a skull, because of course we are.

33. I’m feeling pretty shook up at this point in the episode. I’m feeling like anything could happen right now.

34. And this scene between Darlene and Elliot is pretty heartbreaking too.

35. Oh shit, if Darlene stays over, what happens if Mr. Robot shows up? That could fuck things up for the dark army.

36. Wow, someone’s getting all up in China’s grill.

37. There are a lot o tense tet-a-tets in this episode.

38. “Don’t mistake my generosity for generosity.” That’s a quote to remember.

39. Oh shit, Darlene is looking for evidence?

40. This is Mr. Robot.

41. Wait, so which Elliot is going to work today?

42. Okay, so I guess that was regular Elliot.

43. Getting Mr. Robot into therapy might be interesting. I wonder if this a single episode thing, or if it might be a continuing thing over the season.

44. That’s a lot of red spines on those books.

45. Wow, that was some terror going on between good ol’ Mr. Robot and the therapist.

46. Oh jesus, now this guy shows up?

47. Soooooo … Elliot has a dog again?

48. Oh, wow, I would not have guessed that’s what Darlene was doing. Impressive stuff, assuming she can break free from the inevitable guilt she’s feeling.



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