Brain Dump: Mr. Robot ‘metadata.par2’

Continuing the epic catchup of TV watching, here’s this week’s episode of Mr. Robot, and more specifically, my brain-dumped thoughts on it.

1. Looks like we’re back to the main plotlines of season three again, having caught up some of the mysterious bits from previous seasons.

2. Oh, right, I’d forgotten we’d left off with Elliot breaking into the FBI safe house or whatever it was.

3. Darlene’s phone is gone? Oh shitsnacks. Wonder who took it?

4. Oh, it’s her wallet that’s missing.

5. Well, that was an odd exchange about the wallet.

6. Hey, Darlene, you’re having kind of a meltdown here. Might be time for some therapy.

7. Oh, this is Elliot’s perspective on the apartment breakin?

8. Well this is incredibly tense.

9. So this is clearly Elliot as Mr. Robot. Does that mean it was Elliot as Mr. Robot doing the internal monlogue when hew as breaking in? Because I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

10. And now this seems to be Elliot as Elliot.

11. “Did White Rose ever show you?” That’s a very interesting question. What is it that White Rose has shown them? And why are they asking if it’s possible? Does this have to do with changing the past, like I was theorizing a few weeks back?

12. Darlene following Elliot as Mr. Robot seems like it could be a recipe for disaster.

13. Who the hell is this? Oh shit, is he going to cover up F-Society stuff?

14. That was a pretty terrible lie.

15. So did he post the F-Society video? Or is he just there to take the fall? I feel like it could go either way.

16. Well, White Rose got a response from him.

17. God, I was already worried about Darlene. And now this fucking vengeance pact conversation? Holy shit, let’s not kill Darlene, okay guys?

18. SEE? Redhead FBI girl doesn’t like it either. It’s too easy! Have gave himself up for the greater good!

19. Or greater bad. You know what I mean.

20. And there’s Mr. Robot again. BE SAFE DARLENE!

21. Man, I hope Mr. Robot doesn’t hurt her. Elliot would have to vengeance pact himself.

22. Oh, Darlene seeing him meeting with Angela has got to be a bit of a shocker.

23. Subways are very brightly lit for stealth missions.

24. Well, part of me is relieved that she lost them.

25. Well, Tyrell doesn’t seem to be so in love with Elliot any more.

26. Oh, this would be a very bad time for Elliot to wake up.

27. Did she just inject him with something?

28. Holy fuuuuuuuuuck.

29. Come on, buy her a drink. She’s earned one.

30. Darlene’s attempt to force a friendship with FBI girl is kind of depressing, but I hope it does begin an actual friendship.

31. “Whatever diddles your skittle.” That’s a phrase worth remembering.

32. Tyrell, I feel like complaining to glasses guy isn’t going to help. He doesn’t make an decisions. And I get the feeling no one is going to change White Rose’s mind.

33. That’s a Rocky-worthy inspriation speech that Tyrell’s getting here.

34. Oh shit, Tyrell asking into his wife might pose some troubles.

35. Irving! That’s glasses man’s name! I’m not sure I’ll remember by next week.

36. So now Angela is trying to get Elliot fired. BUT is Mr. E-Corp going to follow through? THAT IS THE QUESTION.

37. I mean, he said he would do it, but maybe he won’t? I dunno, I feel like that was a lot of pointless busywork getting Elliot a job at E-Corp just to have him fired so quickly.

38. This music over this ending sequence is pretty great, by the way.

39. So is the plan to keep drugging Elliot for the weekend?

40. Ooooh, who’s texting Angela?

41. So is Darlene going to follow up on her lead or is she skipping town?

42. Yeah, she’s skipping town isn’t she?

43. Could have taken that poor dog for a walk first though.


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