Brain Dump: Mr. Robot ‘runtime-error.r00’

I saw some speculation earlier today that this was going to be an intense episode on account of it being commercial-free. NO BREAKS. ALL OR NOTHING.

1. All right, two points from the previously on: I doubt they’ve planned for an emergency evacuation, and I don’t think Mr. E-Corp is going to fire Elliot. Those are my predictions going into this episode.

2. Um, what? I … don’t know what you’re saying man.

3. This is one of the tensest elevator rides I’ve ever seen and I don’t even know why.

4. Oh shit, Elliot and Darlene meeting is going to throw some massive turds into the fan.

5. Like, reminding him that Angela is in on the whole stage 2 thing, if Elliot doesn’t remember on his own.

6. Those occasional crackles in the soundtrack are really throwing me off.

7. Corrupted memory. Haha. Goddamn I love this show.

8. Oh wow Elliot, you just took down your cubicle buddy there.

9. “Shit, that was meant for you,” speaking to us, breaking the fourth wall. Goddamn I love this show.

10. Oh shit, it looks like maybe he was fired after all. That’s one failed prediction for me.

11. Okay, so stage two is on.

12. Oh, and here’s Elliot’s removal. And he’s dodging it.

13. All right, that was a fucking intense opener.

14. I think part of the intensity of this episode is realizing that Elliot has no idea what’s going on.

15. Old lady sniffing whiteout — hahaha.

16. Oh shit, he picked the wrong old lady. Hahahahaha.

17. Oh and she’s a snitch too! This is brilliant!

18. And the schmuck has a Bernie bumper sticker on his computer too. Man, it’s the little details that make all the difference.

19. Fun fact! Frank Bowman is a combination of the names of the two astronauts in 2001: A Space Odyessy.



22. Well, I wans’t expecting Darlene to open with the FBI info.

23. And now Elliot learns about Angela. And now his memory is uncorrupted.

24. That was a really cool pan into TV coverage of the event.

25. Is this whole episode a continuous shot? I mean, not literally, I can see spots where they’re fudging it, but like Birdman, is this supposed to look like a continuous shot? I’m getting that feeling.

26. I haven’t been paying that much attention to the shots is why I’m not sure.

27. Also, holy shit, E-Corp riot.

28. This isn’t the building that Mr. Robot wants to blow up, is it? It was a different building, right?

29. Interesting the way they bring the opening music back for this next elevator set scene.

30. This is a distraction from the dark army?

31. Hahaha, they need Elliot to get on a computer after they’ve fired him. This seems like questionable timing.

32. I feel like this is the kind of episode you could only get from a writer / director, someone who could pen the script while also knowing exactly how he’s going to shoot it.

33. Oh fuck, the elevator.

34. Oh God, what is Angela going to do about this security guy now.

35. Well, that was a deus ex blow to the head.

36. Is Angela going to try to do this hackery stuff and get Elliot to tell her what to do over the phone?

37. There’s no way she knows how to do this on her own, right?

38. Man, that feeling when you need a USB cable, but you forgot to put one in your bag…

39. Maybe she can ask the rioters to get her one.

40. Come on, no charges their phones on their desks?

41. Close the damn door, Angela.

42. So it was a USB drive she needed? Oh, because she’s supposed to clone something I guess. That makes sense.

43. Has Angela always been some kind of hacker girl and shes just been hiding it? Or did Mr. Robot give her an intense four-day instruction session while Elliot was unconscious?

44. Now she just has to get out safely.


46. This girl is hella committed to the dark army. Just sayin’.

47. Funny if she gets arrested or tazed on her way out.

48. Wait, was that Elliot?

49. Someone in what seemed like a hoodie and a backpack went running behind Angela.

50. But DID she do everything on the list?

51. This dude and the burgers.


53. I think she knows there was no evacuation.

54. Well, holy shit, that was an ending.


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