Atomic Blonde, 2017 – ★★★

Much like many of the characters in this movie, Atomic Blonde pretended to be one thing when it was in fact something else entirely.

If the trailers were to be believed, this was going to be a fun and frantic action movie in the vein of John Wick, which suited me just fine. I loved John Wick, and was legit looking forward to that style of movie with Charlize Theron in the lead role.

The thing is, except for a few kind of frenetic action scenes, this isn’t that movie. In fact, it’s a pretty standard espionage thriller, with agents and counter agents and moles and all that kind of thing. And at the center of it all, the thing that might be the greatest spy movie McGuffin of all — THE LIST. The list of all the agents from all the countries, all of whom will be burned if the list gets into the wrong hands.

I mean, that’s a pretty stock plot, right? LIke, didn’t James Bond just do that a few years ago?

Anyway, for what it is it’s pretty good. It’s just not what it was promised to be. Goddamn you double agents.

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan


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