Caligula, 1979 – ★★

So after years of hearing about, years of knowing its reputation, years of having it on any number of my personal watch-lists, I finally sat down and made my way through the infamous Caligula. And … it was surprisingly boring.

It was a magical experience, sure. It was kind of crazy to see that kind of spectacular set and costume work (how about that giant wall of head-chopping, eh?) in a film that also featured full on penetrative sex. In a way, I kind of wish that movies like this could still be made, because Caligula is absolutely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

On the other hand … kind of boring. Also kind of long. It felt like some of those gratuitous orgy scenes could have been trimmed down even a bit.

Malcolm McDowell was delightfully impish in this role though, and that post wedding scene in the kitchen — whew. But considering this was released without any rating at all, and with the aforementioned unsimulated sex, I’m just surprised there wasn’t more of Caligula’s nasty nature on screen here.

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan


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