Brain Dump: Mr. Robot ‘dont-delete-me.ko’

I wasn’t expecting last week to be as good as it was, given just how explosive the previous two episodes were. I’m not going to make that mistake again. Let’s get into it.

1. Are those popcorn buckets something that happens in the US and not Canada? I’m used to getting popcorn in bags.

2. Also, has this dumping M&Ms into popcorn thing been going on for awhile?

3. Oh wow, li’l Elliot is fucking ice cold.

4. Well hot damn. If that’s where Elliot’s dad dies it’s no wonder he’s got all kinds of dad issues.

5. Ah, so he broke from reality right from day one. Well then …

6. Okay, that was a great title scene.

7. There he goes busting down his rig again. Guess he probably needs to burn whatever tracks connect him to F-Society and the bombings.

8. “She should be breaking down.” I can certainly understand where he’s coming from.

9. Yeah, I’m feeling like this is going to be a hella dark episode, if Elliot’s behaviour with Darlene is any indication.

10. I’m not sure this is a great time for Elliot to be alone.

11. I guess I should be more forgiving of Angela. She didn’t really know what was going to happen, and it’s not her fault that she was naieve enough to trust the people that she was dealing with.

12. This deletion talk is getting increasingly unsettling.

13. Back to the morphine it is.

14. How much is that much morphine worth?

15. I’m betting the third option for buying up the whole stash is suicide.

16. Damn, and we never find out how much it cost him.

17. It’s heartbreaking watching Elliot trying to bring some measure of peace to the families of Trenton and Mobley. It’s like the only, tiny thing he can do to make any difference at all after the attacks.

18. Oh wow, it’s the kid, Trenton’s brother.

19. Of course the question is, is the kid really there, or is it some part of Elliot’s mind trying to keep him alive.

20. Man, don’t you hate it when some kid shows up and gets in the way of you trying to kill yourself.

21. Yeah, I’m calling that this kid doesn’t actually exist. The reason his family’s door is locked is because they’ve already left town.

22. This kid is great.

23. “We’re only going if something good is playing.” Well, obviously. That’s a rule.

24. Seriously, has this popcorn and M&M thing always been a thing?

25. I love that the kid knows The Martin’s rotton tomatoes score.

26. Wait, did I miss something? Why is Elliot going to a mosque?

27. Oh, the kid’s at the mosque.

28. Man, all this time and I’m still not sure the kid was actually real.

29. “Hey Elliot, can I see you again?” Wow, did Elliot lie, or does this mean he’s officially not planning to kill himself any more.

30. OH JESUS. Now Elliot’s blackmailing Mobley’s brother into giving him a funeral? Wow, he sure bounced back.

31. Which, by the way, is goddamn awesome.

32. And now he goes to Angela’s, right?

33. I’m prepared for this exchange to be heartbreaking too.

34. “You would always wish for more protracters, which was weird.” Yeah, that is kind of weird.

35. That was a surprisingly upbeat ending to an otherwise bleak episode.

36. OH SHIT, that was the email she had programmed to send out if she died. Well there you go, Elliot. Good thing you decided not to delete yourself in the end.


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