Brain Dump: Mr. Robot ‘stage3.torrent’

I don’t have anything preamble here, except to say that I expect things to get tense and uncomfortable and we close the gap to the season finale. Has this show been renewed? I honestly don’t know!

1. Was that sudden closeup on the cover of Lolita during the “Previously On” meant to mean something? Is that going to be relevent? You never goddan know with this show, do you?

2. Alright, looks like Elliot has a new mission.

3. Aaaaaand we’re starting with a flashback. Interesting.

4. Oh hey, it looks like Mr. E-Corp has had a thing for Angela for awhile now.

5. Did they hire Allsafe just because Mr. E-Corp (sorry, Phillip) had the hots for Angela?

6. And there’s an excellent reminder of just how gigantic an ass Phillip can be.

7. That was an interesting shot of Tyrell dwarfed by the E-corp building after being dressed down. Is that meant to be the root of his desire to take down E-Corp? I kinda want to say yes.

8. Is Tyrell back to his own home here? What a depressing homecoming that would be.

9. I feel like we’re going to soon see the wrath of Tyrell directed at White Rose and the Dark Army.

10. Tyrell is legit one of the most interesting characters on this show almost entirely because he started off so completely fucked up.

11. “They Own The FBI” — well, I think we all know it means the Dark Army.

12. And so does Elliot now.

13. “What exactly did Mr. Robot do last night?” I suspect we’re about to find out.

14. “No puppet, no puppet, you’re the puppet.” That’s a Trump quote, isn’t it?

15. Oh well, Phillip showing up might throw a kink in things.

16. So Elliot is planning to hack into some kind of super FBI center?

17. Darlene is not good about giving people specifics about her plans.

18. Oh shit, Elliot hacked the car to get in?

19. Well, that was a big bluff on Elliot’s part.

20. I figured Darlene’s plan was that she could trust Dom.

21. Oh shit, did she just do a chip scan or some shit on Dom’s FBI badge? She did, didn’t she.

22. Okay, so the RFID scan didn’t work so well. Now what?

23. Angela on Elliot’s doorstep is sure a reminder of season one.

24. Oh, so Angela thinks that the world is going back to some alternate version where their parents are alive.

25. I’m not sure how White Rose managed to convince Angela that was possible. And I mean maybe it is. Maybe that’s what the whole facility is about.

26. Wait, is Darlene now trying to seduce Dom? JESUS, I guess that’s a worthy backup plan.

27. Oh shit, White Rose assassin dude is hanging in Elliot’s apartment. Why the fuck is he there?

28. This situation with Angela is not helped by the fact that Angela is not well at the moment.

29. Oh great. Tyrell got the job he wanted, and it’s still utterly meaningless. Something tells me he’s not going to be taking that well.

30. This coversation between Phillip and Mr. Robot seems like it’s really just trying to spell out stuff that was pretty clearly spelled out in a previous episode.

31. Darlene’s seduction game is on point.

32. I don’t know the name of the woman who plays Dom, but she is so good in this scene right now, so clearly nervous and uncomfortable, but also kind of into Darlene.

33. Or maybe not into Darlene after all.

34. Okay, sort of into Darlene after all.

35. Oops, there she goes locking her stuff away. And there goes Darlene’s plan. Which is probably good. It would probably suck if Elliot’s breakin got traced back to her in any way. She’s like the only good person in the FBI.

36. Holy shit, Angela is not doing well at all.

37. Who the hell is she talking too?

38. There was another copy of Lolita in Angela’s books. Relevent? WHO KNOWS?

39. Oh, it’s her fish she was chatting with. Obviously.

40. So is this the meeting with White Rose that Elliot had requested?

41. That’s White Rose’s underling, so I’m guessing this is as close as Elliot is getting.

42. Okay, so Elliot has put something on his computer that will allow him to hack into the Dark Army’s computers as soon as they use that stick, that was his play, right?

43. Oh shit, it’s that CD guy again. That’s funny.

44. Jesus, who are these people who have come for Angela now?

45. Is Darlene going to try to hack the safe? That’s bold.

46. Ah shit, I kind of figured that would happen.

47. Wow, Tyrell is going to town on the vodka.

48. Oh wow, is Tyrell going to give up the Dark Army’s man on the inside?

49. And Darlene is giving up the plan to Dom, which is great, but the Dark Army’s man on the inside is sitting right there too, so that’s pretty fucking bad.

50. Aaaaaaand Dom’s supicions are raised again by her FBI boss guy.

51. Oh shit, are they going to kill Darlene?

52. Hm, White Rose is pissed.


54. Oh okay, so this is the moment that Elliot came back, and Mr. Robot gave him a message not to trust the FBI.

55. Mmm, Darlene probably won’t be checking in soon.

56. And now the dark army wants to take out Elliot too. Lovely.

57. So all of this means that next week is the season finale, right? Cuz this is some cliffhangery stuff being set up here.


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