Brain Dump: Mr. Robot ‘shutdown -r’

Here we are, this is the finale. I can’t believe it’s already the finale. I can’t even begin to guess what’s going to happen tonight.

1. Okay, this previously on definitely is pushing a lot of Angela info in this episode.

2. But, I guess we should be reminded that Elliot is likely in danger too.

3. All right, the dark army is busting into Elliot’s house now. That’s … not good.

4. And it raises the stakes pretty quickly.

5. Hiding out next door. Nice call back to the vacant apartment.

6. Wonder how long he was over there for. Did he know they were coming? I can’t remember if he had any reason to expect them.

7. Oh, no, Darlene is not going to be at the rendezvous.

8. What’s up with the blank disc?

9. Oh shit, this is bad. The FBI mole is not taking Darlene someplace good.

10. Oh, things are getting weird at the FBI. Get on it Dom! Save Darlene!

11. Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.

12. OH YEAH.


14. Is he gonna pull a gun on her?

15. Is he gonna punch her?



18. Okay, sure, let’s start off the finale with the stakes just through the fucking roof. Why not.

19. This is the moment that Mr. Robot comes back to talk to Elliot, isn’t it?


21. Oh, this is interesting. He’s conjuring Mr. Robot on the coney island ride.

22. This moment of Elliot with Mr. Robot for the first time in so long is so fucking gratifying.

23. Oh, and he knows who the mole is, doesn’t he?

24. Oh, well, I guess it’s good that mole-man took Dom. Cuz that gives her a better change for saving Darlene. But it also might turn out bad for Dom.

25. Choke him out with your wrist restraints.

26. “Believe it or not, I’m not a bad guy.” Something that, weirdly, only bad guys say.

27. Oh shit, glasses guy shows up, of course.

28. This is going to be some kind of massive dark army showdown, yeah? I mean, everyone is getting picked up and brought somewhere. Together. Yeah?

29. Who’s this weird Stepford dude talking to Angela?

30. Oh wait, Price took Angela? I mean, it makes sense, but it’s a surprise.

31. Good job being ominous, musical score.

32. Well, most of our players are all in one location here. What happens next?

33. Oh shit, I don’t think FBI mole guy is long for this world.

34. Someone’s gotta save Dom, right?

35. Should’ve choked the mole guy out while he was driving, Dom.

36. Oh jeez, he’s not gonna try to kill her with an axe, is he? That’s some nasty shit.

37. Yeah, this is supposed to be tension, but it’s the mole who’s getting axed here, isn’t it?

38. Yup. Yup it is.

39. The Dark Army sure knows how to push someone’s buttons when trying to bring on a new hire.

40. Fuck, that was a lot of axe work.

41. Elliot seems unfortunately confident, considering that White Rose has apparently approved his knocking off. Not that he knows that, mind you.

42. Man, I would love to know Glasses-Guy’s back story. I can never remember his name. Irving? I think it’s Irving.

43. Man, this show is so good at mounting tension.

44. Oh, Phillip is Angela’s dad! I remember seeing that was a theory! Looks like it was true!

45. I’ve always enjoyed Phillip’s monologues. This was one seems particularly emotional for him, which is kind of an odd thing to see.

46. FUCK, not Darlene.

47. Is Elliot’s claims about being able to get their project to the Congo a bluff or not?

48. OH FUCK. OH FUCK. I guess crazy assassin dude got an interesting text.

49. And this is the cathartic release that follows the tension.

50. Wow, this show.

51. Well, at least White Rose isn’t killing his / her underling.

52. Oh, well, I guess she didn’t have to.

53. I feel like we’re now seeing a lot of setup for next season. They’re moving the pieces into position for the next stage of things. Like Angela and Price together. Like White Rose moving her shit to the Congo.

54. Assuming there’s another season. I don’t actually know.

55. Oh I guess Elliot still could undo the hack, if White Rose didn’t give a shit about it any more.

56. Wow, Dom speaking to Darlene here is pretty intense.

57. So wait, Elliot *didn’t* do 5/9?

58. Okay, so Elliot wasn’t pushed out the window. Man, it’s such a roller coaster when you have an untrustworthy narrator.

59. You now, it does realy seem like this could be an appropriate end for this show. Elliot and Mr. Robot on the bench here in the subway is very reminiscent of their very first meeting.

60. Really great performances from both Malek and Slater here.

61. Oh shit, that’s the meaning of the blank CD. I should have know! Labelling them was always Elliot’s thing.

62. And there’s another back to the future moment.

63. Wow, what a season. I love this show so much, and I am in so much pain right now knowing it’ll be like a year until I can immerse myself in it again. Hopefully I’ll see you soon, Elliot.

64. Uh, this mid credits scene seems pretty potentially unpleasant.

65. IIIIIIIII don’t know who this guy is. Hope we get some reminders next season.


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