Binge-A-Thon: Prison School

I’m fairly new to anime, but even so, I have a pretty good idea of what kind of stuff I enjoy. For example, I like stuff with adult themes and content, which could include violence or adult situation or even weird sexual content. I like stuff that makes me scratch my head sometimes or something that makes me go, “Wow.”

In that sense, Prison School was a pretty good pick.

Though there’s nothing here that would cross the line into hentai, Prison School is definitely an anime that’s focused on sex and sexuality. It features five male students who transfer to what was previously an all girl’s school, who then end up thrown in the school’s prison (because of course it has one) after a failed attempt at peeping on the girl’s shower. And of course one these pervy boys end up locked away, all kinds of sexual shenanigans get underway.

There’s spankings, whipping, and other sorts of hot brutality. There’s some weird stuff with pee. There’s the underground student council’s vice president, who’s labia are constantly threatening to burst free from the thin strip of her panties, the only thing that is holding them in place.

It’s also filled with all the kinds of awkward, first love kind of stuff that you’d expect from high-schoolers — finding out the cute girl in class has the same interests as you do, the joy of holding hands with a girl for the first time, or the excitement of a first kiss — all of this also weirdly tinged with the overt sexuality of everything else.

Also, the headmaster of school always has at least one word of every sentence punctuated by an incredibly dramatic sound effect, even if that word is only, “Hello.”

Yes, Prison School is a wonderfully bizarre and sexy anime, easily one of my favorites from an admittedly small list, but also frustratingly short, with a second season rumored but still, as of this writing, AWOL. I can only hope we get the chance to see what happens when the tables are turned and the former members of the underground student council have to do their time behind bars.


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