Binge-A-Thon: High School of the Dead

I haven’t had much in the way for binge time lately, and what I have tried to binge has gone by slowly. Mind you now I find myself starting season two of Jessica Jones even before I’ve finished season one of Altered Carbon.

Somewhere in the middle of that, though, I managed to make my way through High School of the Dead, maybe because it’s fairly short at 12 episodes of 20 minutes each, maybe because still being new to anime I’m finding the genre kind of fascinating, and maybe because, even in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, this is a show that still has time for upskirt pantie shots. Whatever the case, I blew through HOTD and enjoyed it for the most part.

I’ll admit that tonally it’s a bit all over the place, moving from moments of legitimate horror to awkward comedy to even awkward-er sexiness, to some dark moments involving a young girl that I almost couldn’t handle as a parent of a young girl myself. I’ve seen this kind tonal juggling before in the another animes that I’ve watched, but none have been quite this extreme, and I do feel this one pushed things a little bit too far in that regard.

Not that I minded the fact that about halfway through the season they needed to dedicate an episode to the girls of HOTD cleaning up in a shared bath experience, followed by everyone dressing again in the least amount of clothing possible. This is a show that clearly knows what its audience is interested in.

The name is a bit misleading. While the show starts at a high school, the characters don’t stay there for long, and within a few episodes I probably would have forgotten that the characters are meant to be teenagers, except for the opening titles that reminded me what the show was called.

Things end pretty abruptly in a moment that just barely satisfies as a close to the show as a whole, but feels more like a setup for a second season. Not sure if one is planned, but it looks like there’s a manga that continues the story, so I’ll at least be able to turn there if I want to see how these adventures continue. Which I might. Tonally weird or not, zombies, violence, and pantie-shots make a pretty great combination.


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