Binge-A-Thon: Jessica Jones Season Two

I liked the second season of Jessica Jones, but I don’t think I quite loved it. Which is too bad, because I still love the hell out of the character and the world that she inhabits.

Part of that, I think, comes from not really digging the way that things ended this season, with her world and characters fragmented and disconnected. I know this is probably just a matter of it being “the second act” when things are at their darkest (even though, weirdly, things seem to have worked out pretty well for Jessica herself), It’s just hard to see both Trish and Malcolm rejected by Jessica. Especially Malcolm who, really, didn’t deserve it. Though the tease for Trish’s future — including, perhaps, the Hellcat identity — is kind of exciting.

Honestly, the whole “mom” storyline just didn’t work for me. I get that it was a solid way to make a story about Jessica’s loneliness and her inability, or lack of desire, to connect with people, and that’s what this season was supposed to be about. And that’s a fine narrative choice. But it finding out that Jessica’s mom was not only not dead, but also someone with powers, just didn’t work for me. It comes out of the blue, it invalidates so much of what we know about Jessica, and so much of what it ultimate tries to do ends up feeling forced.

Jeri Hogarth’s story, on the other hand, was actually pretty interesting, which surprises me to say, because I didn’t get it all in the first few episodes. I literally couldn’t figure out where that storyline was going, and how it had anything to do with anything else.

But then as it gradually connected to Jessica’s backstory, and then just as gradually disconnected from that backstory, it became a compelling narrative in its own right. And let’s be honest, Carrie-Ann Moss did some fine work as Hogarth this season.

Speaking of fine work, enough can’t be said of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, who remains my perfect fictional girlfriend in all her hard drinking, cynical, and foul-mouthed glory.

And weirdly, in spite of not really digging where things left off, I’m actually feeling incredibly excited for season three. I suppose part of that is hoping that we’ll see Jessica and her crew pull themselves all back together again, but let’s be honest, part of that is also just wanting to spend more time with Jessica Jones, which I’m incredibly eager to do. Even a good-but-not-great season of Jessica Jones is worth hanging out with, am I right?

Don’t answer that. I already know I’m right.


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