Brain Dump: Legion ‘Chapter Ten’

1. I hope all the episodes this season start as confusing as this one does.

2. Wait, Lennie was actually a real person? I guess that’s a sign of how confusing last season was. I’d forgotten that.

3. Are they on a real merry go round there? Or is that i someone’s head? Why is it so hard to tell?

4. And is Oliver meeting Oliver in the wheatfield a real thing? I mean, is anything real?

5. Also, these credits in the crystal ball, pretty great.

6. So I’m guessing this season will be juggling at least two separate narratives — one, the present day, and two, whatever David was doing during the year he was gone.

7. I googled “vermillion” to see if it would help me understand the trio of manfaced woman androids. It didn’t.

8. So I guess we’re assuming the wheatfield meeting was realy now? I guess? Maybe?

9. Why does Syd seem so kind of out of it this season? I guess that’s kind of a far-sweeping thing to say only two eps in, but seriously.

10. Of course there’s a musical number.

11. This show gives exactly zero fucks.

12. Are they back at Division 3, and were those children security guards at Division 3?

13. Yup, they’re definitely at Division 3.

14. Oh God, don’t be here to do something terrible with the teeth people.

15. Looks like Cary is about to have an encouter with ’em.

16. Man, I should stop asking about what’s real and what’s not. It’s like it doesn’t even matter. Everything is real. Nothing is real.

17. Also, Aubrey Plaza in this show is like the hottest thing to give me nightmares.

18. Oh, so I thought Cary was dragged into the astral plane, but he was just dragged downstairs.

19. And now Cary and Cary can’t remerge?

20. Oh, that failed merge is seriously troubling.

21. Meanwhile, Melanie continues to get super high. Which is probably a bad thing for her. I feel like she might just reveal too much to Oliver.

22. Although apparently she’s also gathering intel from Oliver? That seems unlikely.

23. The Vermillion’s reliance on probablity is neat. Also kind of troubling. What isn’t troubling? I don’t know. Wicker-basket-head is seriously troubling.

24. Man, it sucks realizing those piles of ash and dirt or whatever used to be people.

25. “Nobody gets hurt.” Yeah, David? Maybe you should have been trying to get that guarantee from someone other than the goddamn Shadow King.

26. Do the Careys have different name spellings? Probably. I should probably google that.

27. It must be hard communicating what to do to your alternate body.

28. I’ve found myself wondering when Legion is supposed to take place. On the one hand, a lot of it feels modern. On the other hand, a lot of the tech and design seems kind of retro. I could just be stylized, I know. But at the very least, it feels like it’s designed so that we’re never really sure WHEN is when.

29. Looks like David has been zapped back into his brain sphere thing.

30. Is it just me, or is future Syd missing an arm.

31. Yup, pretty sure she’s missing an arm.

32. So they need to save Farouk so Farouk can help kill a greater evil?

33. Man, there’s always greater evils, aren’t there.

34. Hey, Don Draper’s back!

35. Oh God, Clark’s back. This’ll be a fun exercise in passive aggression, I’m sure.

36. Oh shit, now I’m wondering, did David drag everyone to the desert to help Farouk?

37. Do we know? We don’t know, do we? FUCK.


39. David, when there’s weird goop on the floor, you should notice that.

40. Oh, sure, now he’s planning a sitdown with Farouk? WTF, David.

41. Back in the wheatfield.

42. Does the Crystal Ball mean that it’s in the astral plane? Or am I reading too much into that?

43. Ah, this is Farouk’s real face, yeah?

44. “The big grey meat” — pretty great name for the brain.

45. What is David hoping to get out of sparring with Farouk? I’m guessing he hasn’t really though that through, actually.

46. We’ve gone from dance-off to wrestling-match to samurai fight (!?) as metaphors for mental battle.

47. Haha, David brought a tank to a sword fight.

48. Oh wow, so that wasn’t just a representation of Lennie, it WAS Lennie.

49. Cary seems to be having a very rough time.

50. Okay, they’re apart again.

51. Oh, the white hair seems maybe troubling.

52. Melanie continues to seem pretty bitter.


54. “I’m not crazy.” That is a really hard sentence to unpack in a show like this, David.

55. Why are there finger-pointing balloons in the background?

56. Oh God, does this mean the monk is one of the teeth people?

57. WAIT A SECOND. There’s a tooth person who ISN’T A TOOTH PERSON. Also, he looks like a monk. PROBABLY NOT A COINCIDENCE.

58. One final note, looks like it’s Cary and Kerry. Will have to remember that for future reference (bet I won’t)


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