Brain Dump: Legion ‘Chapter 11’

1. Nocebo?

2. Is this for real? I’ve never heard of this.

3. Why *do* we yawn when we see others yawn? Mirror neurons? That seems like the most obvious, right outta my ass, answer.

4. The dancing plague is weirdly not as well known as the black plague.

5. The world is a weird and marvelous place.

6. That was a absolutely wonderful opening, and has me wondering far too much about the state of the world.

7. So that was Farouk being “killed” by Xavier that we just witnessed there I’m assuming. I kind of dug the psychic battle being kind of reflected in his glasses.

8. Ah, so I guess we get the backstory of the monk that Farouk is looking for?

9. That’s kind of a fun egg-shaped coffin he’s got. I feel like that’s not a standard option.

10. Go away creepy bird goo monster thing!

11. I thought you were just a metaphor for shit, but now you’re real and you should stop being that way!

12. Close to, but not quite, as creepy as the weird frog-roach thing in Twin Peaks crawling into that girl’s mouth.

13. I’ve already forgotten what the other Carey’s spelling is supposed to be.

14. It seems like it would be weird to have to convince someone of the joys of eating.

15. Oh shit, she’s going to get into beer.

16. Oh, cream soda, nevermind.

17. Now she’s peeing and pooping for the first time!

18. “Do you want me to come in and help you?” So weird.

19. Syd is SPYCAT.

20. Oh wow, she really is Spycat. She’s trying to find the monk.

21. “Am I prettier now than then?” Damn straight that’s a trick question.

22. Bloody handprints are never a good sign.

23. Oh right, the monk is hiding with the teeth people!

24. Well, someone is no longer using their IV.

25. Well David’s flash of … whatever … was weird.

26. Okay, so that was a security lockdown.

27. Well, there’s only so many messages that could possibly start with “H”, right?

28. It’s always good to make sure the exit is clearly labeled.

29. Wouldn’t Lennie have been through all this cold turkey-ness by now? Or does that work differently in the astral plane or wherever she is?

30. “Dude, ya gotta hump me.” There have been better pickup lines. Also, Lennie, you’d be way more appealing if you were way less twitchy.

31. I can’t tell if David knows that Lennie is really Lennie and not just a figment. Because if he knows she’s real, he’s being kind of an asshole.

32. HAHAHA — Lennie hanging herself in the background was a pretty great visual joke. Now I’m wondering, did I miss other ones?

33. “I’m a good king, strong but just.” I mean, maybe, but we only have your word to take for this, don’t we?

34. Suicide attempt number two for Lennie.

35. As far as villains go, Farouk makes some fairly compelling arguments for his non-villainousness.

36. Oh shit, it’s the monk causing the teeth? THAT MAKES SENSE!

37. Unless he’s lying. He could be lying, couldn’t he? Goddammit, it’s so hard to tell with these people.

38. That feeling when you wake up in your weird psychic hottub thing and no one is around to help you get out.

39. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I think something bad has happened here at Division 3.

40. Hey cow.

41. Bye cow.

42. At least the waffle float lives on.

43. “What is that, it’s so lemony!” So many great lines in this show.

44. Alright, so now the monk has an army of children. I’m sure nothing ill could come of that.

45. It got Ptonomy too. Guess having the weird goobird monster thing in your ear didn’t help much.

46. Ah, he’s gardening in his mind. How peaceful.

47. Oooh, there’s some of that metaphorical but also literal goo.

48. If you’re already in someone’s mind can you go further into their mind?

49. Or just kind of explode their mind?

50. Hey, the cow came back!

51. So that was another message from the future? And it was the letter “U”? Huh. Or, I guess, Hu.

52. There’s Melanie. Are they gonna break her back out of her toothiness?

53. It does seem kind of rude that they’re only breaking free the main characters and all the supporting characters just got stuffed in a great big closet.

54. I mean, I guess David didn’t know he could do that before? But you’d think he might have tried before it was someone important.

55. The suit wasn’t that sharp.

56. ZORK!

57. Should have maybe trid turning on the light.

58. “You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.”

59. David, just lecturing Ptonomy didn’t work either, so why are acting like it would work here?

60. Yeah, that’s a minotaur you’re hearing.

61. Oh shit, that was the thing that she was maybe or maybe not hallucinating about the other episode.

62. I guess that was sort of like hacking the game?

63. Hey, the cow’s back again.

64. H and U and R. I feel like T is coming up next.

65. “What about the cow?” Seems a reasonable question.

66. Oh, shit, it’s gonna be HURRY, isn’t it?

67. But hurry with what? Finding the monk? Finding Farouk’s body? Both? Neither?

68. Ah the kids have come back!

69. Oh god, please don’t ever put me in the middle of a rom full of people who are chattering their teeth like that.

70. Looks like it’s naptime at monkville.

71. Oh, David’s the monk. At least, I guess he’s experiencing what the monk experienced.

72. Farouk doesn’t seem as fond of his egg coffin as I was.

73. That feeling when you hide away the body of one of the most powerful psychics in the universe to prevent him from returning to it, only things don’t go the way you expected.

74. So even if the teeth thing comes from the monk — which I’m not sure I accept entirely — what is it about him that has caused it?

75. Carey is frequently the one stumbling around on the verge of danger.

76. “Oh fudge!” Don’t worry Carey, get Dvid back and he’ll be able to help Kerry.

77. Ah shit, what happened to Carey now?

78. Uh oh, someone got Fukinawa.

79. “David can do it.” Well, you might want to check with David first.

80. “I wont et anything bad happen.” “It already has.” Well THAT’S ominous.

81. Well, it’s too late in the episode for David to just be able to yank Syd out of her tooth coma, so I guess that’s gonna be a big part of next episode.


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