Brain Dump: Legion ‘Chapter Fourteen’

1. It’s always interesting to start this show someplace that doesn’t seem even remotely familiar.

2. Buddy looks almost like a wolfman.

3. And now this location seems like we’re back in the Shadow King’s head.

4. Buuuuuut maybe it’s something else.

5. Oh, holy shit, is this David as an old man?

6. Well, David’s certainly done well for himself in the future.

7. Oh, wait, was that old bearded guy also David?

8. I bet this bald guy’s David too.

9. I think we’re seeing multiple possible futures for David. But which is the ideal one?

10. Soup-eating David looks kind of like Terrance Stamp.

11. These are different Davids, right? Not meant to all be the same David at different points? Because it seems unlikely he’d go from homeless guy to rich guy, but who knows.

12. If this is the future of David, that is one old-ass looking phone on his bed-side table.

13. I can’t tell if the old woman with David is Syd or not.

14. Also, Apparently it’s Sid and I’ve just ben spelling it wrong this whole time. Like you do.

15. Is David trying to imagine futures where his sister isn’t dead? Is David just completely internalized after finding out his sister was killed by the Shadow King?

16. Having psychic flashes inside yor own delusion? Or *is* it a delusion?

17. Has David just been drifting through the minds of different people?

18. I can’t tell if this is real or not. Which is where Legion excels, doesn’t it?

19. Well, yes, it does seem obvious that being a mind reader would be a powerful skill in the world of high finance.

20. Oh, back to homeless David. I’m mguessing that’s how we’re going to be spending this whole episode, moving from one David to another, until we know what’s going on.

21. Not that I’m complaining. I’m pretty willing to go down whatever path of brainfuckery this show wants to throw at me.

22. David Moustachio.

23. Is it really important that the boxes all have the same sides pointing out? Asking for a friend.

24. Okay, that’s his sister on the phone. Right, I forgot we’d seen her in this whatever this world is. Which means it’s probably not real.

25. I feel like David telling us about the multiple worlds theory is supposed to make us think that’s what we’re seeing, but … I don’t think that’s what’s happening. Though to be fair, that’s only because of that one scene where the camera moved from Homeless David to Boxstacking David.

26. Though now the cuts in this scene seem to indicate that maybe this really is alternate universes.

27. Or at least David trying to imagine alternate universes.

28. Man, happy daddy David is obnoxiously happy. Like, settle down dude. It’s just waffles.

29. This striped shirt David, this is actually from the past, right? This seems familiar.

30. Office David looks like he belongs in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

31. Hey, he has a mouse!

32. Oh, it’s a singing mouse. That’s even better.

33. Okay, so it’s starting to seem like things in the “fantasy” or “alternate universe” wods are reminding him of things from his actual past.

34. Hey, there’s Sid! That sure looked like it sparked a memory.

35. I’m starting to wonder now, instead of alternate universes, maybe these are different personalities that David split into.

36. Oh man, that show of the homeless guy under the bridge looks just like A Clockwork Orange.

37. Oh, apparently that’s cuz they’re doing a Clockwork Orange reference.

38. Oh, this part where the homeless guy starts glowing and then explodes all the droogs, I don’t remember that part.

39. Nice touch leaving their shadows behind.

40. Come on, David. It’s Pot Pie!

41. “You’re wearing two bathrobes and listening to jungle sounds.” Don’t be so judgy!

42. Box stacking David does seem a bit more lucid when he hasn’t taken his pill in awhile.

43. I’m really curious about the history of rich man David.

44. Oh, he’s the same as coffee boy David! So these aren’t *all* different Davids. But there are a few different timelines.

45. This is some really insanely good old people makeup in this episode.

46. So he’s looking for, or imagining, other timelines that still have his sister in them. Yes?

47. Well, fabulously wealthy David is fucking horrible.

48. Well, that was a sudden and very brief appearance of the Shadow King.

49. Oooooh, those seem like some heavily armed dudes. I wonder where they’re going.

50. Oh, right, they’re after the homeless guy who explodes people.

51. Well, even when things turn out the worst, David remains insanely powerful.

52. Oh, is this his sister that’s going to stop him? The sister always shows up in one of these timelines

53. Oh, nope. That was Kerry.

54. Oh, I bet invalid old David is box-stacking David. Right?

55. I don’t think box-stacking David is used to being out alone at night.

56. Probably because when he is, he starts seeing the Shadow King, which isn’t good for anyone’s mental health.

57. Oh, he’s just waiting for his ride. Shit, that’s sad.

58. Aw, why you gotta be like that, Shadow King?


60. And then he just blew up all the cops. But you still been shot, dude.

61. Ah, yeah, called it. Invalid David was Box-Stacking David.

62. Well this has been a fucking miserable ride so far.

63. Ah, so office David needs some help before he sees the dancing mouse.

64. Are we going to find out that even Waffle-Dad-David is secretly miserable?

65. Wait, is the shot David dead? I thought he became invalid David. Or is that just one other branch that could have branched?

66. Cute baby.

67. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” seems to be a pretty knowing reference to all the other possible directions his life could have gone. And David, trust me, none of those other options were that great.

68. Which is maybe the saddest part — the world where things work out best for David is the one that didn’t work out so great for his sister.

69. Dark or not, that was one spectacular episode of Legion.


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