Binge-A-Thon: Fargo Season 2

After initially thinking that a Fargo TV series was not only a weird idea, but an actively bad one, I’ve actually grown to really enjoy it after seeing it. And while I enjoyed the first season well enough, I have to say that the second season worked a heck of a lot better for me.

There’s one pretty simple reason — the second season of Fargo ran with essentially one, unshaken, central plot. granted, that plot started off with threads that were dangling all over the place, but gradually everything got pulled together into a satisfying conclusion. Season One of Fargo kind of bounced around a lot through what seemed like multiple storylines, particularly in a middle-section that seemed to offer little except a forced connection to the original film Fargo.

The decision to connect this second season to the “massacre at Sioux Falls” that gets multiple mentions in the first season was also really smart. And while it takes place prior to the first season, and features a handful of characters from that first season, it’s not really a prequel. It’s its own story. And it’s a pretty great one.

Favorite moment? Well, no spoilers, but there’s a pretty big shocker that hits in the penultimate episode which, while weird and startling, isn’t entirely unearned, as it was (lightly) teased through the rest of the season.

And Ted Danson’s warm, kind performance as Hank was probably my favorite of this season, but between this and The Good Place, I’ll admit I’m enjoying seeing him crop up in the weirdest of places.

There’s a third season that I still have to get through, but I suspect I might wait a bit to tackle that one. I jumped right on season two after finishing the first, and I think it ended up being too much for me, as after two episodes I took a break from my binge for a few months, and I think we’ll all agree, that’s no way to binge anything.


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