Brain Dump: Legion ‘Chapter Eighteen’

1. Well, that lightning sure made for a dramatic opening.

2. Ah yes, are we back to the tent that David and Sid were in?

3. Oh, uh, no we’re not.

4. Oh wow. David’s got the Legion hair from the comics!

5. Sid is in the glass ball!

6. What does this mean!?

7. Also, was that blood on Lennie’s mouth?

8. I’m guessing that’s a peek into the future? Where David causes the end of the world?

9. “Love is what we have to save if we want to save the world.” This seems like the opposite of what she said a few weeks back where she called love soft and week. But I guess people can change their minds.

10. Oh. A drain plug in the middle of the desert. And a giant one at that. Not weird at all.

11. I wouldn’t go down there, Sid.

12. Is that a dead rabbit?

13. Oh god, why was it on a hook?

14. Oh, I guess it was bait.

15. That hook going into Sid’s hand was a real OUCH moment for me.

16. Hey David, try over by the weird drain plug.

17. David’s pants seem weirdly short. Is that the fashion now?

18. Well this is all pretty unsettling.

19. Oh shit, Melanie is there.

20. Melanie is, I’m sure, still under the sway of Farouk.

21. Sid doesn’t find it odd that there’s this weird psychic TV under the desert?

22. Come on Melanie, lay off men a little.

23. Yeah, this story is definitely coming from Farouk.

24. Wow, that sandstorm seems to have kicked up pretty quickly.

25. Oh, lucky there was a palace nearby. Unless this is another astral plane kind of visit.

26. Okay so it’s still reality if Oliver is the vessel.

27. Aaaaaaand what was David doing?

28. Okay, now we’re in a psychic place.

29. Not sure how the jumping from place to place is helping is torture.

30. I’m not sure why he didn’t try the hole that Sid went down. I guess it’d be impossible for him to know how far down it goes.

31. Oh, Lennie’s here now. Again.

32. Oh right! I remember the basketpeople, but didn’t realize that was a giant drain plug.

33. These aren’t basketpeople though. These are safe people.

34. No disrespect to anyone else on the show, but Lennie might very well be my favorite.

35. Haha, I love how the gun comes out of the box in an entirely impossible fashion.

36. Is the bunny still around?

37. I don’t know if you should be looking at anything Melanie is showing you, Sid.

38. Oh, there’s David’s daliance with future Sid. Which he promised he wouldn’t do.

39. So I’m wondering how time works on this show. Did future Sid go through the same experiences as present Sid, including this moment? Or is this different? Could present Sid take this information and change the future by somehow preventing David from destroying the world?

40. I mean, for that matter, how can we necessarily even trust future Sid? Is she really future Sid? Could she be the work of Farouk?

41. Wait, was I supposed to know how the old man was that Melanie showed to Sid?

42. Ooooh, David’s pyschic plan is starting to come to fruition. I was starting to think we wouldn’t see that until next week.

43. I’m also wondering if Melanie’s poisoning of Sid against David might be part of what makes Sid want to help Farouk in the future.

44. Geez, where did those safe-head people go?

45. Wait, is that the mcoming out of the hole? This is weird.

46. I feel like those are the guys that were wearing the safes. But I could be wrong.

47. Also, who are they? Are they protecting Melanie?

48. Wow, that’s quite the tone they’re making.

49. Kerry seems to be fighting through it though.

50. Yeah! Have we seen Kerry cut loose like this before? I don’t think so.

51. Not sure why she suddenly looked kind of panicked while looking at Cary.

52. “THIS … IS … SPARTA!”

53. Oh Jesus, they just keep coming.

54. Hope you’re feeling energetic, Kerry.

55. Oliver is not looking good.

56. Oh wow, Farouk wasn’t even inside Oliver through all that. That’s horrifying.

57. Wait, is Farouk going to take over Sid? Is *that* why future Sid tells David to help Farouk?

58. Oh geez, now it’s that creepy monster thing again. Please go away. You creep me out.

59. “I’m ready.” Uh, FOR WHAT?

60. And now a helicopter?

61. And now a giant tuning fork?

62. Well shit, it looks like Melanie / Farouk has found his body.

63. It also looks like creepy monster man has been set free. That can’t be good.

64. Well this music sure makes the resurrection of Farouk seem ominous.

65. Hey Lennie. Uh, good shot I guess?

66. Gonna jump down the hole now?

67. That was some pretty video-game-y wall jumps you did there, Cary.

68. Well Cary, better get moving befor the minotaur gets ya.

69. Not entirely sure how the robo-ladies got down here, but I’m not sure it entirely matters at this point.

70. And now Cary is in a house? Is this the same place David was earlier?

71. Yup, sure looks like it.

72. David is not handling the situation very well, it seems.

73. The maze doesn’t look like much of a maze. It seems like one direction goes to Sid and one goes to Oliver.

74. Actually, Sid, I think the minotaur is the monster.

75. I know it’s fun to hit things, Sid, but maybe not a scary minotaur monster. Maybe leave that for Kerry.

76. Someone better hit that fork before Farouk gets any closer.

77. Ah, too late.

78. Aaaaaand there it goes.

79. Aaaaaaand shit. One more episode left. Things are not looking good.


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