Brain Dump: Legion ‘Chapter Nineteen

I’ll be honest, I’m wary about this episode. I’m watching it the day after it aired, and while I’m spoiler-free, I did see some headlines that indicated things go badly, and that makes me all nervous in my belly. So let’s do this.

1. I wondered if Farouk throwing it away would probe to be the last we’d see of that tuning fork. Wonder if it’ll get used.

2. Wow, this bit with David levitating and singing is crazy awesome.

3. Is Farouk singing the same song in a different language?

4. Holy shit this is awesome. Loving the animation for their psychic battle.

5. Oh shit, even the tuning fork bit was part of the plan! Lennie’s gonna shoot it!

6. Lennie getting stoned right afterwards seems like it might be a bad idea.

7. Wait, what? THREE YEARS LATER?

8. So we’re assuming that David killed Farouk with the rock? Is that what happened?

9. So Melanie and Oliver retired to the ice place?

10. They seem happy, even if they’re maybe starting to lose some amount of the english language.

11. Though I do wonder if Oliver’s claim that the world ended might be a bit more literal than Melanie’s comment indicates.

12. “The girl who would kick everyone.”

13. Wait, what happened to Sidney?

14. Okay, so we’re not permanently three years in the future?

15. Sid sure was tainted by Melanie / Farouk.

16. The lack of comments that I’m making here should illustrate just how invested I am in this conversation between David and Sid. I can’t take my eyes off the screen long enough for snark.

17. “I’m a good person. I deserve love.” That was David’s delusion? So is this David’s mind working against itself?

18. Oh shit, Lenny!

19. Wow, that was a hell of a shot.

20. And now baskethead arrives! Wasn’t he dead? I’m confused.

21. What does David have to do? I sure hope he hasn’t convinced himself to kill Sid. That would be a mistake, I think.

22. Ah ha! At least Division 3 managed to get to Farouk and depower him in time.

23. Did David just wipe Sid’s memory?

24. Whatever David did to Sid — and he definitely did something — is not going to improve her trust issues.

25. Assuming she ever finds out about it. And she probably will.

26. So what *was* David’s plan? Originally?

27. David should be reaching out to future Sid to clear up some details about the end of the world.

28. Given that David messed with Sid’s mind to get her to love him again, this moment seems kind of rapey.

29. I agree, there’s no way they kill Farouk. David might though.

30. The fact that Farouk is still alive seems to indicate that future Sid got her way.

31. But then we don’t know for sure when Farouk died in her timeline.

32. And Melanie did say something about Farouk being killed by David, so I guess that’s still to come. So forget what I said about future Sid getting her way, cuz that’s not really going to work out.

33. The implication that Kerry got a taste of the blood of one of the things she beheaded is pretty great.

34. Is Farouk’s mental harness breaking down?

35. Starting with just this simple mouse, he will soon amass the most powerful army mankind has ever seen!

36. This season has been full of animals doing weird things to people”s ears.

37. This is chapter 12? Didn’t wejust have chapter 10? Are we missing a chapter? Is that intentional? Did I just miss something?

38. David looks refreshed this morning. Which is good, because I think things are not going to go well for him today.

39. Oh shit, David’s going on trial too?

40. Wait, what is happening with Farouk? He’s out of harness? How did that happen?

41. I’m honestly not sure what to make of this. Is it true that David actually is mentally ill? Or *is* this the work of Farouk?

42. Treatment or they’ll kill him? I mean, that makes sense considering how poerful he is, but it’s pretty nasty.

43. “You drugged me and had sex with me.” Yup, that was the vibe I got from that too.

44. It still seems incredibly unlilkely that they’d let Farouk wander around unharnessed.

45. Though maybe that’s a good idea now that David has apparently decided not to play nice.

46. So we’re looking at David as the villain of season three? That’s potentially interesting. I was sort of hoping we’d be moving away from Farouk, especially because his presence makes it hard to keep track of what’s real and what’s not. But then I guess that’s kind of the point of the show, so…

47. In any case, see you next year, Legion.


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