In acknowledgement of dead air

So the regular posting has dried up here over the last month or so, which was pretty bad form on my part. Not sure what happened. I guess it was a cross between the loss of my regular coverage shows, and just not feeling the drive to sit down and write some stuff up. I do have some posts bottled up inside, mostly about three or four binge-a-thon reviews, but also probably a goodreads book review that needs doing (and linking to). I’m hoping to be able to get those out in the next few days, now that I feel some amount of my energy returned (starting probably with the binge a just finished today, the final season of The Newsroom which, for some reason, I’d been putting off getting through for a few years). I’ll state again that the goal here is to have new content up on a daily basis, and I say that because it’s important to have goals, and to continue reaching for them, even if the odds of getting there are slim.


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