Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Severance’

With no weekly Brain Dump subject currently on my plate, I decided that, as a fan of Stephen King (especially his earlier works) it might be interesting to tackle the mash-up of his and J.J. Abrams brains that is the Castle Rock TV series. Here’s my thoughts on episode one.

1. Okay, starting out in 1991. with what seems to be a cop of some kind.

2. I do sort of wonder whether this is official work or not.

3. Oh, I get it, he’s looking for the missing kid that was mentioned on the radio. Derp.

4. Ah, just a dead deer.

5. Ah, Sherrif Allan Pangborn. A character I recognize!

6. Fella looks pretty cold there.

7. Ah, looks like he found the kid. That was easier than I would have expected.

8. And now it’s 2018 and it’ll probably take as awhile to learn what that prologue has to do with anything.

9. So this guy is apparently retiring.

10. It’s nice to see Terry O’Quinn. He’s a pretty good performer.

11. Oh, looks like we may not see him for long. I guess he’s not really into retiring.

12. I’m not 100% sure of his plan, but this seems like a convoluted way to hang yourself.

13. Oh, I see. He wasn’t hanging himself. That’s kinda nasty.

14. Oh, he worked at Shawshank! There’s another name I know!

15. Well, it was nice to have you around for a few minutes, Terry O’Quinn.

16. And this is quite obviously Shawshank prison.

17. So she’s the new warden. Who’s the guy she came in with? He seems like a real charmer.

18. “Sometime’s a rope’s just a fuckin’ rope.”

19. Oooh, whats in the mysterious unused block of the prison?

20. So I guess bodies were burned here? Because … ?

21. Oh man, don’t go down the ladder.

22. What did you lose? Cigarettes? Cut your losses, man.

23. This is someone’s smoke pit.

24. EYES!

25. Well that didn’t tell us very much.

26. Oh, this is the dude that was in the thing. Mr. Eyes. But WHO IS HE? And HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN THERE? He sure smoked a lot of cigarettes.

27. Right, so it was the former warden who put that kid down there? And I guess went down to hang out with him on occasion?

28. So he’s Henry Deever. But he’s not Henry Deever?

29. Was Henry Deever the kid that was missing in 1991?

30. Also, is this lawyer going to turn out to be Henry Deever?

31. Sounds like his pleas to the jury didn’t work out.

32. Yup, sure looks like this is Henry Deever.

33. Well, I guess my prediction that we wouldn’t find out what that prologue about for awhile was off considerably.

34. Bye woman who’s case we never really knew anything about.

35. Are do-overs going to be a theme in this show? There was a lot of do-over talk.

36. Well, nasty wardens, especially at Shawshank prison, are certainly a recognizeable Stephen King trope.

37. Well this chick certainly seems shocked to Deever back in town. And doesn’t seem to want him to see her. There’s obviously some back story there that’ll be explored at some point.

38. Oh crap, it shold have been Deaver. Well, I don’t feel like fixing it.

39. Oh, well, that’s a creepy little statue in your hand that you’re hiding from everyone.

40. Mama Deaver sure doesn’t seem to be well.

41. Oh Scott Glen is in this too! Hope he hangs out longer than Terry did.

42. Well this certainly seems to be setting up some nice familial tension.

43. Well that mouse sure seemed to be kind of an on the nose metaphor.

44. Oh wow, she’s just flat out pretending that the prisoner isn’t there? That’s some evil-ass shit.

45. It’s certainly feeling like something creepy is going to go down either at the Deaver home or at Shawshank. Or both!

46. Druggie chick looks like she might have a weird collection of Henry Deaver stuff.

47. Bugs in coffee? EW.

48. And now cage kid is missing. And apparently wandering the halls of the prison? And killing people?

49. Oh great, and now it’s snowing. That’s just perfect.

50. Oh, wait, it’s a flashback. I think.

51. Yes, what did happen out there.

52. Oh so we are going to see some of what went on between the warden and the caged boy.

51. Although we don’t get to see much. Just that it was the warden who told the boy to reach out to Henry Deaver. Which is mysterious enough for now, I guess.

52. Verdict on the first episode? Enjoyed it for the most part. There’s a good combination of mysterious to follow and interesting characters (and some teases at inter-character drama and tension). What more could a first episode be expected to promise?


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