Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Habeas Corpus’

1. It’s interesting the way that the previously on runs right into the first scene of this episode seamlessly. I wonder if that’s going to be a thing they do every episode. It’s pretty great.

2. Oh well, I guess the guards didn’t all die then. That’s certainly kind of odd.

3. These opening credits are new. And full of Stephen King easter eggs too, from the looks of it.

4. “Remember the dog? The strangler?” Yup, I do.

5. Seems to be Terry O’Quinn on the VO. I guess that means he’s sticking around for awhile, even if his character is dead.

6. We’re barely 5 minutes in and this is already creepier than the whole first episode.

7. Apparently that cell had been in that tank for quite awhile. Sure hope that isn’t an indicator of how long that kid had been down there.

8. Looks like the that office might be a challenge to get through.

9. Oh, look, it’s a whole file folder full of easter eggs.

10. Well those are some very odd consistencies on those desk calendars.

11. In his defence, I had zero idea you were blind.

12. Holy hell is “Jackie Torrence” one hell of a name-based easter egg.

13. Man is it jarring seeing Aaron Staton in this. I’m not sure if I recognize him more from this or from L.A. Noire, but it’s definitely weird seeing him in a church.

14. Also, is it weird that I would love it if Jackie Torrence eventually went nuts and tried to kill someone with a roque mallet?

15. Even from that quick shot of it, lunch in Shawshank doesn’t look too appetizing.

16. That’s like a loaf of spaghetti.

17. I’m not sure if it’s his eyes themselves, or the way the shot is framed, but holy cow do the orbs in basement kids skull look wonky.

18. What kind of shit is Pangborn trying to stir up?

19. Okay so basement kid is who Lacy thought was the devil?

20. “Don’t let that fucking kid out.” Well, that’s … not nice.

21. “A good man. So he must have had a good reason.” I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works.

22. Oh great, from one solitary to another? This kid is not having a good … well, lifetime, actually.

23. Oh, not solitary. Just hanging with a neo-nazi. That’ll be fun.

24. Am I wrong to think that solitary might have been better?

25. Or even being returned to his basement cell?

26. It seems like there’s animosity between Deaver and his mom, but I’m not sure if that’s the performance or something that’s legitimately there. She’s sure trying to be motherly. But if she’s struggling with dementia / alzheimers, she may not be remembering things from her past that Henry might.

27. Okay, so this is a flashback to the girl who we see last episode that was trying to avoid Henry. And apparently she used to be pretty darn sweet on him.

28. And now Henry takes off with his … dad? … in the middle of the night? Which obviously means something.

29. And here’s druggie girl munching her drugs again. Does she have a name? I might have missed it. She must. Obviously.

30. “He has pinkeye. Again.” Haha, this is my story with children and lice right now.

31. Oh wait, she’s supposed to be psychic? That’s very interesting.

32. This sister is not the supportive character.

33. “Thank you for lunch.” Oh wow, that’s just the best burn right then.

34. “Castle Rock is literally not even on the map.” Well, that’s actually really kind of interesting.

35. Foot for foot! Do it! I bet she’s got cute feet.

36. Creepy sounds in the back yard! Oh, someone’s digging.

37. Whatcha up to back here, Pangborn?

38. Digging up a dead dog to make sure it’s still dead is such a Stephen King thing to do.

39. Yup, still dead.

40. Dead dog selfie.

41. Hey, back off Pangborn.

42. I’m not sure what’s up with tese flashbacks exactly. Except to make us get the sense that she knows something. Is what she knows that Henry went with his father? I’m not sure if that’s known or not.

43. Well, that’s a pretty literal act of God getting Henry into the prison.

44. Oh, I bet something dreadful has happened to Mr. Nazi. Just a feeling I have.

45. Wow, that’s a fucking insanely fast autopsy.

46. So … was this the plan? Was this how Henry was supposed to find the kid? Cuz it’s a pretty shit plan. Who even shoved him outside and why?

47. Should have zoomed your phone in before taking the pictures, dude.

48. Yeah, I imagine keeping a kid imprisoned in the basement of your prison miht fill you with some doubt.

49. Oh, hey look, they found Lacy’s head!

50. And that’s for episode two. I’ll probably be tomorrow to finish up the three episodes that had been released in a lump earlier this week.


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