Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Local Color’

Man, I really wanted to write this episode’s title as ‘Local Colour’ because that’s the way we spell it up here in Canada, BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THE TITLE IS. It’s so hard correcting my spelling when writing about (or for) another country, but there it is.

A day or so late on this Brain Dump too, but all things considered, I haven’t been away too long, and I’m sure glad I’m back soon, because this turned out to be a pretty good episode. Let’s get to it.

1. PREVIOUSLY ON: So the psychic chick probably got some kind of psychic reading from Henry when he was missing as a child. Or something else to do with that night.

2. That sure seems to be what’s getting hinted at here at the start.

3. Oh, she’s just wandering over to Henry’s house?

4. Do people actually hide their keys outside their doors? It’s such a common trope, but I’ve never known anyone who actually does it?

5. This is the jacket that she still has in a box to this day.

6. Goddammit, I have to look this character’s name up so I can stop calling her drug girl or psychic girl.

7. It’s Molly. Her name is Molly.

8. I feel like just wandering around this house at night as a young girl is maybe not smart.

9. Oh, there’s the father, just barely hanging on.

10. Oh wow, she’s going to get a reading from him that he wants to die, isn’t she? And she’s going to pull the plug.

11. Yup yup yup.

12. Better get out of the hous enow girl.

13. Though I guess she has to wait until he dies so she can … nevermind. I assumed she’d have to plug the breathing tube back in so it didn’t look intentional, but I guess she didn’t do that. So at least the wife knows that her husband was actually murdered, right?

14. Not that it would help now, because momma Deaver is having some memory troubles.

15. Snowing in a church feels like it might be a dream.

16. Well Molly definitely has some guilt associated with her choice. Maybe she didn’t get a message from Daddy Deaver?

17. DID SHE JUST TAKE A WHOLE PILL. That’s a slippery slope, Molly. Very slippery.

18. Oh how quaint, people are still reading the newspaper.

19. So Jackie Torrence is just everywhere?

20. Haha, Jackie. Way to be a fucking downer.

21. “Why do you care what happens to this hellscape anyway?” Way to be community minded, Jackie. Goddammit, you’re the worst.

22. Because honestly, I find the idea of someone trying to “revitalize” a place like Castle Rock to be goddamn fascinating.

23. She’s totally crushing on Henry.

24. Or maybe she’s just distracted by all the voices in her head.

25. I’m not sure what Molly described is actually a conflict of interest.

26. Henry is so tired of all this Castle Rock bullshit, and it’s only episode three.

27. I do wonder whether we were supposed to get the sense that Henry’s presence was making her psychic stuff worse.

28. Not sure what tape Henry just burned, or why he so mad at his dad.

29. Oh, this is before all the shenanigans at the lake.

30. “I know what you do in your room. Touching your thing.” Well … that might not be the best way to go with this conversation.

31. Also, “touching your thing,” is one incredibly Stephen King phrase.

32. Now another pill on top of the first pill. BE CAREFUL MOLLY.

33. Creepy prisoner sure likes his bread.

34. I guess we’ll call him Nic now, cuz that’s what they call him at the prison. Though I was gonna go with Jr.P as in Junior Pennywise, cuz the actor.

35. Has anything good every come of arriving home and finding your door open?

36. Certainly ot this time.

37. Who is Jackie Torrence? Why is she here? Did I miss something?

38. Oh, her collection of weird Henry stuff was touched.

39. “Cool murder basement.” Everyone should have a murder basement.

40. “Did he do it, did he whack his father?” So many inappropriate conversations going on here.

41. No more pills. That’s going to be a problem.

42. Nibble some onions. Maybe you’re just hangry.

43. Oh and going to a new dealer too? That’s not going to be good, I bet.

44. Oh, hey, I remember that halloween costume, I think. It was like CHIPS or something.

45. Henry’s history is becoming more interesting. Given his clear animosity towards his father, are we supposed to start thinking that he did push him from the cliff?

46. It seems kinda late for this girl to be outside.

47. Well this place is FUCKING SUPER CREEPY.

48. Kids engaging in a mock trial (or real trial!?) while wearing creepy ass masks? NO THANK YOU.

49. Moms are out drunk, daddies are all at Shawshank? This is quite the neighbourhood.

50. I sure fucking hope this is a nightmare she’s having.

51. I guess not?


53. She’s not having a good day.

54. I hope she doesn’t get arrested, otherwise that might affect her revitalization projects.

55. Oh well this is fortunate happenstance, Henry showing up at the PD while Molly is in the clink.

56. Aw, he bailed her out.

57. I was going to say, it must be nice having lawyer kinda money, but then I remembered that he defends death row criminals, so he’s probably not making much cash.

58. Hahaha, Molly’s explanation of stuff, including describing Henry as being such a great song, is brilliant.

59. Awww, Henry’s going to be a hero.

60. And of coruse he’ll be an even more irresistable song after that.

61. But of course these two had to get together, right?

62. Come on, Molly, push those other thoughts out. FOCUS.


64. OH SHIT. That went in an interesting direction.

65. I mean, it may not help her pitch, but I think it just helped Henry.

66. “I don’t know how you know all that about my client.” Well, come on, you kind of do. SHE TOLD YOU.

67. KISS.

68. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but about the only time that Henry hasn’t seemed completely miserable has been when he was with Molly.

69. And he gets to meet his client now. How much do you want to be we’ll learn very little from this meeting, but get just enough to provide an interesting cliffhanger?

70. Honestly, that is a pretty lousy settlement they’re offering.

71. I don’t think that’s what he meant by, “Has it begun?” I’m pretty sure he’s asking about the end of the world or something.

72. What is “Go fuck yourself” in latin?

73. “Do you hear it now?” Holy shit, it took me a second, but that’s what Henry’s dad was asking him in that flashback.

74. See, just enough for a good cliffhanger.

75. That good guy guard is going to have a bigger part to play, and unfortunately, if I had to guess, he’s not going to make to the end of the season. Good but supporting characters have a way of dropping dead in Stephen King stories.

76. When your house gets tossed twice in one or two days, it might be time to get a hotel room or something.

77. Oh, sounds like someone’s still there too. That’ll be exciting.

78. So why is she not getting any kind of empath readings from the invader, if he’s still here?

79. Sooooooo, was creepy priest man actually there (as a physical thing OR an apparition) or was that just her guilt and paranoia playing with her mind? GUESS WE’LL FIND OUT NEXT TIME (or more likely a few episodes after that)


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