Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘The Box’

1. So I’m curious whether it’s going to turn out that Nic really is some sort of devil type, or if he is just going to think he is because he pretty much spent his whole life being told he was.

2. Looks like we may get some more clues into Henry’s missing days. Which is to be expected, I guess. Little bits here and there to keep us interested.

3. It also looks like we’re confirming that Nic arrived in his little cage very early in life. Which is a pretty unsettling thing to think about.

4. I guess you’d bring your own coffee to a prison job. Can’t imagine the in house coffee at Shawshank would be very good.

5. That framing of the guard behind the window of the door is clearly showing us that he’s in a prison of his own.

6. “Big Multinational”? Could you come up with a more nondescript and boring name?

7. Or maybe he said, “A big multinational.” God I hope so. That would make more sense.

8. Not sure what Nic is quoting from there, but I’m pretty sure he learned from his dead Warden friend.

9. That is a pretty shithole grave site. Come on, Alan.

10. Okay, this feels like some pretty forced tension. I mean, I guess you can be made that Alan was banging your mom while you were still alive. But from what you said yourself, the fact that he was banging her might be the only reason you’re still alive. So, uh, maybe give the guy a break.

11. I honestly want to laugh every time I see “The Mellow Bar”.

12. Wait, were those flashes of a kid in the cage supposed to be Henry? That would be interesting.

13. Molly, I’m not sure this — or any other time — will be the best time confess that you killed Henry’s dad.

14. There’s not really much reason for this guard kid to bring Henry a pic of the cage, except that it’s clearly going to make Henry think of his own flashback cage, and create a sense that there’s a connection between the two disappearances.

15. “I’m a prisoner in there too.” Okay, thanks for spelling it out, script.

16. Why the fuck does this guard keep coming down here? Is he trying to get himself caught? Is he trying to spell out that he’s helping Nic? I mean, kudos for being a nice guy, but he’s an idiot.

17. I mean, *would* it kill you smile for the ten or seconds that you’re greeting your co-worker when you arrive?

18. I’m not sure happy faces on the security monitors are what she was referring to.

19. Man, I bet there’s some good easter egg stuff in these microfiche pages.

20. Mmmm, nothing quite like fresh fish.

21. So was the newspaper the first that Henry heard that there was a suspect in his disappearance?

22. Way to change the topic, mom.

23. I was going to say, maybe don’t use balloons to sell your house in Castle Rock, but then I remembered that was Derry.

24. Is that an urn on the table? Holy shit, she did an awful job preparing to sell this house. I guess she’s had a lot on her mind.

25. “A serial strangler died in my house.” Does that mean it was Frank Dodd’s place?

26. So he wants the painting? Is that just … random? Or is this couple supposed to have some connection to things?

27. It’s weird to have the mail box on the opposite side of the road from the driveway.

28. Looks like the place has seen better days.

29. Oh man, I hate when the piano falls through from the second floor to the first.

30. God, I hope this place is still inhabited. Like Mr. Desjardin was like, “Well, I guess I’ll just leave the piano here.”

31. Hm, looks like Mr. Desjardin has some kind of cage thing in his back yard. Curiouser and curiouser.

32. Rabbits?

33. Oops, no, that’s cereal. Holy shit, IS this where Henry was held? If it, that’s way more resolution that I was expecting to get this episode.

34. Ah, it’s a barbershop. Because of course it is.

35. Mr. Desjardin is creepy as fuck. He’s also pretty high up on my list of fav characters on this show.

36. Of course there’s a box of Henry Deaver stuff. Who doesn’t have one of those around here?

37. I love it when lost documents end up saved as a result of a hoarder.

38. So was the bowl in the cage for dog food?

39. “I never did get my bones back.” Not what you hear in casual conversation too oten.

40. Not sure that’s how radio carbon dating works, sir.

41. “You know I never touched you.” Wow. So des that mean Desjardin did take him, but didn’t like molest him? Or does it ean he didn’t take him at all?

42. Nice to see that Daddy Deaver’s corpse is being moved with such respect.

43. Oh, is that a smoker going in the background of the yard? Like Momma said she was going to do with the fish earlier? That’s a nicce piece of continuity.

44. “Henry did it.” Something tells me that’s not what Daddy Deaver was referring to, Alan.

45. Go inside with Molly, Henry. Take some you time.

46. Is it going to be weird now? Don’t make it weird guys.

47. Is Dennis the guard? Sounded kinda like his voice.

48. Oh, I’m sure seeing her dead husband carted around is going to be super good for Momma Deaver’s state of mind.

49. Sooooo, how long befre Dennis just kills himself now that he doesn’t have an out any more?

50. Maybe it’s a less a question of how long, and more a question of how.

51. On the plus side, we’ll get to see what Nic is like out in the real world next episode.

52. Oh, I thought it might have been more of a postal thing than a suicide thing.

53. Looks like eveery guard in the place is getting gunned down. Looks like there’s going to be a lot of jobs opening up in Castle Rock soon.

54. Maybe going on a killing spree isn’t the best idea if your end goal is to testify about something.


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