Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Harvest’

1. Seems like Henry was having some medical difficulties a couple of years ago. Brain stuff I’m guessing from the questions?

2. Oh, so he hears things. Maybe ringing? I guess that’s what his dad was asking about when he was a kid. “Do you hear it now?”

3. Ah, I thought the outskirts of Castle Rock looked hella smokey. It’s fire season!

4. The casket is LEAKING?

5. Oh, that was Henry’s dad. I thought it was one of the guys that died at Shawshank.

6. Who’s this guy on the phone? I sure as hell recognize that voice, but I can’t place it.

7. Jesus Alan, settle the fuck down. He’s trying to take care of his mother.

8. I’m not sure Nic is entirely capable of understanding what’s being communicated in this video. But he should certainly reframe his story.

9. And he’s out! Time to get yer devil on, Nic!

10. Does he know his name? DOES HE HAVE A NAME? You gotta think about this stuff, Henry.

11. Oh, how charming. The kid likes bread so much because that’s all he got to eat while in his cage.

12. If the warden really thought this kid was the devil, why didn’t he just kill him?

13. Well I certainly don’t remember the crazy story, and I would sure like to hear it.

14. He’s getting the same tests that Henry did. How ironic.

15. Henry sure bit off more than he could chew helping Nic out. It’s like those old rules where when you save someone, they become your responsibility.

16. Dementia is one of the most terrifying things I can imagine. I hope I never have to watch someone succumb to it, and I sure hope it never comes to me.

17. Oh sure, mystery jail kid wandering around town won’t lead to trouble.

18. I’m guessing he recognizes the Animal Crackers song.

19. Sounds like Betty Boop.

20. Oh, yeah, let yourself in, that’s perfectly normal.

21. I think I’ll just sit here and watch the party. While also obsessing over a great big kitchen knife.

22. Well that domestic fight came kind of out of nowhere.

23. I mean, we’ve all felt like we’d rather be hanging out on the roof of a stranger’s house than inside our own, right?

24. That’s a pretty intricate chess set. Not for me, but I respect it.

25. Is chess good for the demented brain? I should start playing maybe. Preventative medicine.

26. Uh oh, is Jackie going to be surprised by the inhabitant in Molly’s office? I sure would be.

27. I feel like sniffing strange clothes left lying around is maybe not the go-to thing to do.

28. Dude has a pocket knife?

29. Dude is also nude. He’s the nudedude.

30. Why did we cut away? I really wanted to see how she reacted to the nudedude.

31. How the hell do you get to be as old Alan and not know how to tie a tie.

32. Oh is this the bridge day? It must be bridge day.

33. Pretty stellar turnout for this event.

34. Something’s sure about to happen here at this event.

35. Okay, that wasn’t what I was expecting. Suicide number two?

36. Nic built himself a cage because that’s where he’s used to being. That’s kind of fucked up.

37. A figure on the bridge, just like Mamma. How interesting.

38. And now Jackie’s getting high with Nic. She sure makes friends easy.

39. I get the feeling she might get her wish about Castle Rock getting to be more like it was in the 80s.

40. Not sure what story Jackie’s telling is from.

41. Ah ha! Jackie Torrence is in fact Jack Torrence’s neice!

42. Also, if her story about her uncle is true, that means this show is more connected to the Kubrick film than King’s book, because she talks about him using an axe. Which is probably easier than trying to explain a roque mallet.

43. Looks like Mamma Deaver is at least still alive.

44. Scott Glenn is so good at being equal parts cantankerous and charming.

45. Nic sure likes being on top of things.

46. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be him hearing that or Molly.

47. Oh, it is Molly.

48. Are you sure he’s still in the car Molly? He has a thing about disappearing.

49. So the kid is a receptor to all the negative feelings in the town?

50. “There’s something wrong with that kid.” Well he sure doesn’t look good, I’ll give you that.

51. Aw, you should have invited Molly to stay over too. You could have had a slumber party.

52. Oh sure, way to make him feel welcome. “You should stay here tonight. We’ll put you up in this dusty, cobwebby, shit hole that hasn’t seen a human being in about a decade.

53. “Make yourself at home.” Oh god, shut up Henry.

54. He’s pretty good with the piano. I wonder when he learned that.

55. Alan’s having a rough night. Defacing his own bridge.

56. Oh right, Alan was on board about keeping the kid locked up. He’s not going to be happy about learning that he’s hanging out at home.

57. So the kid doesn’t age? That’d be weird. And unsettling.

58. That gun isn’t for the kid. Alan is going out with a bang tonight.

59. “You have no idea what’s happening here do you?” Well, I sure don’t. You’re welcome to fill me in, kid.


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