Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Filter’

1. Oh right, a lot of stuff happened last episode! Thanks for the getting me up to date, Previously On!

2. Does that last bit of the previously on, with Henry’s miraculous return, mean we might find out more about where he went? MAYBE. PROBABLY NOT.

3. This is the reburying of his dad, right? Good thing they took care of that exploding corpse / leaky casket thing.

4. I always feel weird rooting around in other people’s things even if I’m staying in that space.

5. Oh, those are a couple of creepy people in the RV watching the funeral.

6. It’s interesting that the opening credits has references to both of the Overlook Hotel room numbers — 217 and 237 — one from the book and one from the film.

7. So, something important is in Syracuse Wonder what it could be.

8. The Kid is certainly dressed a little better these days.

9. And now he’s like, “Damn, I am better dressed!”

10. Well that very short scene made it very clear that Mrs. Deaver’s tests didn’t go very well.

11. Henry’s son has come to town!

12. Windham?

13. Don’t take it hard, dad. Level 4 is pretty hard.

14. Oh sorry, it’s Wendell.

15. Well what the heck was Mrs. Deaver looking at in her room?

16. And Molly’s getting low on her pills!

17. Well maybe your client should try to be a bit less creepy.

18. And maybe not wear the dad father’s suit? Though it is a nice suit.

19. Wondering too what’s up with Mrs. Deaver and those chess pieces. Were they a king and a queen?

20. “Made some calls. Got some good news.” The good news is you’re getting out of my damn house, I think is sort of implied there.

21. Pretty sure Juniper Hill is another King reference.

22. Birds dive-bombing the ground is some seriously fucked up shit.

23. Henry seemed weirdly awkward saying that “gramma and grandpa are my real parents.” Is there something about his past he doesn’t want to talk about?

24. Do people actually dry swallow pills? Because that seems like a damn difficult and pointless thing to do.

25. Mrs. Deaver is being kind of evasive about this whole sound thing.

26. “You hated him, Henry.” He seems kind of surprised to hear that.

27. “You wanted him dead.” Ohhhhhhh, is that why she killed him?

28. “You are fucking crazy.” I mean, she’s pobably not, but I do think this is a perfectly rational response.

29. So Alan looking for a car in Syracuse?

30. The deal with the missing pieces is obviously that she’s stealing them for some reason.

31. Okay, so that’s where the chess pieces have been going.

32. Ah, Henry is retracing his steps in the woods. This’ll be interesting.

33. Well they certainly didn’t mind ignoring the “No Tresspassing” signs. In either time.

34. Okay, wait. I’m guessing he’s looking for the car that used to belong the dead warden, because the kid left something in the trunk when he was kidnapped, yeah? That’s my theory.

35. Oh Jesus Christ, more people dead in the vicinity of The Kid.

36. Okay, Alan’s pretty serious about getting that car.

37. Oh look, the kid came home. I guess after the mental hospital mysteriously lit on fire he decided it might not be safe to hang around there.

38. And Henry got his dumn ass self lost.

39. And now he disappears from the show for the next 11 days.

40. Ooooh, who’s got the campfire.

41. You could say Hi, Henry.

42. See, you wouldn’t freak the guy out and make him point a poker at you if you had just said hi.

43. Were these the dudes with the RV?

44. Yup, they were.

45. These dudes in the woods remain as creepy as they were before we knew anything about them.

46. So I guess we know a bit about what Daddy Deaver and Henry were trying to find in the forest.

47. “All possible pasts, all possible presents.” This sounds interestingly similar to what Mama Deaver as talking about in her own experiences with dementia. So maybe it’s not?

48. Well, yes, we all know he’s had the ringing in his ears.

49. Did this guy deafen himself so he could hear the schisma?

50. And so how does this Filter work exactly?

51. Oh, it’s in the RV. Hahaha, of course it is.

52. I feel like putting Henry into this thing is going to be bad for him.

53. I’ve heard about these kind of total silence rooms and how they can drive you a bit nuts after only a few minutes of total silence.

54. He did deafen himself.

55. Oh shit. See, I knew that whack job couldn’t be trusted.

56. And here comes the schisma. And memories!

57. Oh shit, and what’s happened here at the Deaver home.

58. So, okay, she’s probably not dead, beccause if she was, they wouldn’t have cliffhangered it. And the blood on The Kid’s arm looks like it came from him, so she probably stabbed him either defending herself or just because she didn’t know who he was, and then ran away? That’s my guess for the moment.


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