Let’s Talk About: Preacher ‘Season Three’

So it’s been a bit over a week since the end of season three of Preacher, and I guess it’s about time I said something about it.

But I’m having a tough time with it, because I liked it, and yet, for everything good they did, it seems like they did something disappointing. And it’s hard figuring out how it all balances.

The first thing I should mention is that I re-read the entirety of the Preacher comic book series just before the finale, so I am obviously comparing this season to the Angelville arc of the comic book. I know the show has made some changes compared to the original material, and I’m fine with that. As long as new material feels at least somewhat of the Preacher universe.

One of the big changes for Angelville was that the story hung out there a lot longer than it did in the comic. In fact, in my re-read, I was surprised just how little time was spent there. Sure, it was probably four or five issues, but as far as day and night cycles, Jessie and Tulip couldn’t have been there longer than 24 hours.

In the comic, most of the purpose behind Angelville is to explore and tell the tales of Jessie’s back-story. Meanwhile, on the show, there’s a whole lot more going on. Which is good. Things happen. One of the most frustrating aspects of the Angelville story in the comic is that it’s pretty much just Jessie talking. It’s a lot of telling rather than showing. Which has apparently become one of my big storytelling pet peeves.

The problem with the show, though, is that be requiring Jessie and Tulip to hang out there for so long, Jessie’s family has to be substantially less, well, evil. They’re bad, but they’re kind of goofy bad. Like the comic, he kills Jody, but unlike the comic, it doesn’t feel entirely earned. He’s more of a bully than a legitimate bad guy here. And as for TC, Jessie can’t even bring himself to kill him. TC just decides to stay and die in the catacombs when Jessie decides to set them ablaze.

Cassidy’s B-story was pretty great this season, and I’ll give points for doing a better job of getting Cassidy away during the Angelville arc (in the comic, he pretty much just says that he’s taking off for awhile).

Oh, and maybe Hoover is dead? That’s kind of disappointing, as I kind of liked the weird and random decision to make him a vampire.

Preacher hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season as of yet, but I’m hopeful, as the tease at the end of this season’s finale looks like we’re headed towards the storyline when things really started getting going in the comics — when Jessie has to save Cassidy from The Grail. And it look like a certain angel is in The Grail’s possession as well.


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