Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Henry Deaver’

So I accidentally spoilered myself just a little on this episode, and I found out that there’s going to be some majo revelations in this episode. Well, at least one revelation at least. Let’s see if there’s any more.

1. “Other heres, other nows.” Yeah. There are other worlds than these, right?

2. Oh neato. Watching that “previously on” knowing what I know about this episode, lots of that makes lots of sense now.

3. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that choking babies is never okay.

4. I’m not sure the mother would have considered that a miracle.

5. So in an alternate Castle Rock, Big Daddy Deaver decided to build a cage to put someone in.

6. The Kid sure seems more put together in this alternate Castle Rock.

7. Wait, is he curing Alzheimers?

8. So I’m just gonna come out here and say, yes, The Kid is actually Henry Deaver from an alternate Castle Rock. Having embraced this, we can move on with the rest of the show.

9. So what *has* happened to Big Daddy Deaver? The cage sure doesn’t look like it’d be a sign of anything good.

10. Maybe it’s his dad with alzheimers in this world.

11. Well, the house sure is a mess in this world. I guess that’s probably Big Daddy’s fault.

12. I’m not sure how this guy switching dimensions would have kept him from aging. That part seems weird. Maybe it’s time travel stuff? No, that doesn’t make sense if he was actually in that cage for like 28 years. Think that gets explained?

13. Is that Molly? She seems to be having a rough time.

14. Nope, not Molly.

15. Oh, there’s Molly!

16. Looks like a classier bar, at least from the outside.

17. Good god, this brain dump is pretty much going to be me pointing out differences in this world. Boooooooring.

18. Nope, mom still has alzheimers.

19. “One more thing I owe her.” Yup, sure am glad my mom got Alzheimers so I could have a career trying to cure her disease.

20. Yup, sounds like Molly had / has psychic powers over here too.

21. Why don’t you guys just bang. Oh, right, it’s cuz Henry has a girlfriend or wife or something.

22. Oh, are they maybe going to have a baby? How sweet. Just before he disappears into another world.

23. Okay, so young Henry from first CR was in the cage. Which seemed obvious, I guess I just thought we’d see how Henry-1 got over to this world.

24. I’m guessing Henry-1 was trying to follow the sound in the woods, probably because the sound had something to do with him crossing over.

25. Does’t matter which Castle Rock you live in, they’re all fucked up.

26. Wouldn’t it be kind of fun if the Castle Rock series was always about Henry Deaver, but just different Henry Deavers from different universes having completely different adventures? Or would that be dumb? I can’t tell.

27. Man, Big Daddy Deaver should have been a podcaster.

28. Maybe I should call him Pastor Deaver?

29. Or I guess Pastor Deaver 2.

30. Ooooh, that’s this world’s version of that soundproof box thing.

31. I always wonder when it comes to alternate universe stories like this whether the writers actually know the history of the two worlds and how they drifted to different points. Because it seems like they just kind of make it up. Like, why are things so different, but also so similar?

32. So you don’t age when you’re in an alternate world? That’s cool. Can I get to an alternate world?

33. So both the Pastor Deaver of this world and the warden of the other world decided that the mystery Deaver children were the devil. That seems super convenient.

34. Let me guess, wherever Henry-1 is at, it’s on fire, or something traumatic has happened.

35. So it’s probably like the universe trying to sort things out by destroying the person that’s not supposed to be in that world. Or something.

36. Or did they say that he lit his mattress on fire? Because I guess that ruins that theory.

37. Yeah, Henry-1 looks much cooler in those shades.

38. So she’s got touch psychic powers here I guess. That’s … an interesting change. I guess.

39. It isn’t actually.

40. And then they go out in the woods together, and I’m guessing Henry-1 goes home and Henry-2 gets sucked through to CR-1. Oh and Molly dies.

41. Is she gonna use the train to cut off the cop car?

42. Yup. That’s some major fucking cray cray right there, Molly.

43. Is she gonna get shot by the cop? Is that how she dies? That’s my current guess.

44. Uh, whut? Who the hell is that chick with the knife?

45. Wait, that’s probably the chick who ate everyone all those years ago? Right?

46. Gotta admit, everything was fine until we hit the knife girl. Now it feels kind of dumb.

47. Oh, wait, this is some nexus of time and space, right? Or time and, uh, other dimensions. And also maybe space. Who knows. It could be anything.

48. Cool, now we see how Henry-2 gets kidnapped.

49. Or at least I hope we do.

50. So why do Deavers keep getting locked up?

51. Also, I guess given that it’s himi telling the story, and everything we saw was his story, he *could* conceivably be an unreliable narrator. But with only one episode left, that seems unlikely to me.


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