Brain Dump: Castle Rock ‘Romans’

Alright, Castle Rock. It’s been a bumpy ride, and I’m not sure how I feel going into your finale. Let’s see what you’ve got in your finale entry this season.

1. With Henry-1 talking about doubt in that very first “Previously On” scene, it makes me wonder whether we’re supposed to be doubting the authenticity of Henry-2’s story, which is what I was wondring abouat at the close of the last episode.

2. I still want to have seen how Lacy got Henry-2. It looks like he could have defended himself if need be.

3. I will grant that I enjoyed how last week’s episode totally flipped what we had spent the previous eight episodes thinking we understood about the show. And even if things turn out once again being closer to that than to what Henry-2 told us, it’s still a respectable flip.

4. Did I say last week that I expected Henry-1’s son to end up sucked through the portal? Because I think that’ll probably happen.

5. Oops, looks like Mama Deaver may have taken the big leap.

6. “What was I like over there?” “Happier.” Well ain’t that a punch in the gut.

7. Oh yeah, and what the hell is up with the birds? What does that have to do with the dimensions? Or does it?

8. So I’ve seen some speculation that Ruth’s alzheimers is actually her zipping through the different dimensions, but I don’t know if there’s much evidence for that. It’s a nice idea though.

9. They’re sutting down Shawhank, eh? That’s the end of an era, I guess.

10. Oh, those carved figures have not been harbingers of good news.

11. Also, couldn’t the carved figures have come from either Deaver? They wre both taught how to do it.

12. So the reason Henry ran off is because his dad was going to kill his mother? That seems like quite the unnecessary zig at such a late stage in the game, but who knows what else is coming with it.

13. We still don’t even know what Henry-1 was running off for.

14. Maybe his wife called to say their son didn’t make it home? That could be, I guess. Seems not unlikely.

15. Okay, does this mean we’re going to get any closure on the dead crazy deaf guy?

16. “I don’t know what’s happening.” I’m with you there, man.

17. If someone always ends up dead, Henry-1, you should be concerned that your son is out there in those woods somewhere.

18. Oh, wait, he’s not out there anymore. No need to worry!

19. Do the cops think Henry-1 killed the crazy deaf guy?

20. Huh, I guess it’s probably the other guy who killed him. That’s why he looks so shify.

21. It seems like a big jump to go to “he’s the devil” just based on a carved figure.

22. Was that one of the Shawshank tranport buses that ran her down? That’s fucking brilliant.

23. Yup, that was a Shawshank bus.

24. Henry-1 getting locked up is going to create some hassles for Henry-2.

25. Oh man, hope we’re not going to see a busload of angry convicts suddenly breaking loose on the fine town of Castle Rock.

26. Here’s that doubt coming in.

27. Asking your friend Molly to drive your son to your wife’s place is one thing. Asking her to ditch her home town forever on your say so is a much, much different thing. Besides, I really believed in her revitalization project!

28. Has Henry been charged? Or is this one of those, we’re holding you for 24 hours, kind of things.

29. Which is maybe not even a thing. Everything I know about the law I learned on TV!

30. Well, not everything. I feel pretty good about my knowledge of IP related stuff. For whatever that’s worth.

31. Oh, Henry-1 turned in Henry-2. I guess that should have been expected.

32. Oh, he was trying to remind Henry-1 that there had been a Henry Deaver born in this world, he just didn’t make it.

33. Oh shit, is Molly going to turn around now that she knows that Wendell has heard the sound too? Because she seemed like she wanted to do more to help out Henry-2.

34. Ah, the Henrys are reuinted.

35. Points to this showdown in the prison. Good and tense.

36. “Your memories will come back too.” Well, there’s actually no reason to think that.

37. Their discussion of their mutual mother(s) sure seems to be further evidence that Henry-2 is telling the truth.

38. Both in the same cell? Oh shit, are they bringing in bunches of Shawshankers?

39. Oh wait, did they call him Nic Cage because he was in a cage? I JUST GOT THAT!

40. Shit is going to start hitting some fans here, isn’t it?

41. Okay, I guess we’re getting to see how Henry-2 can just cause bad shit to be happening by being in the vicinity. The question is, though, is it happening intentionally or accidentaly.

42. Also, that’s the shit hitting that fan right there. Prison riot!

43. Seems as if the fates are conspiring to get these gents into the woods.

44. Jackie is defeinitely getting her wish that Castle Rock go back to its classic, mid-80s ways.

45. They’re totally going to run into Molly and Wendell in the woods, aren’t they?

46. “The sparrows are flying again, Thad.” – random Stephen King reference.

47. Hey look, it’s the backwards stepping through snow from The Shining. Film not movie.

48. Looks like he’s going to fool his dad into ging over the cliff tho.

49. Or is he gonna push him? Shit, maybe Henry did off the old man?


51. No, it was Henry.

52. Well goddammit, just when I think I knew what was going on, Henry-2 goes and sports some creepy ice monster face.

53. And then we jump one year later because, fuck you Castle Rock.

54. Well at least they found all the chess pieces again.

55. Also, it’s Christmas, because of course it is.

56. Aw, does that mean Molly did get away? Oh, right, obvs. She’s in Florida now. Haha, well played, show.

57. And that’s mom in the grave, obvs.

58. Oh fuck, haha, he’s got Henry-2 in the cage at Shawhank again, doesn’t he?

59. So if he’s some bad thing, if Henry-2 is, in fact, the devil, why the hell not just kill him?

60. Well, I guess you need to at least respect a show that gives you a bunch of answers at the end, only to rip out the rug suddenly and say, oh wait, maybe those weren’t answers. You’ll never know!

61. Final thoughts: I was really digging this finale until the rug got yanked out from under me, and I’m still not sure how I feel about that, and I guess that’s kind of point with the whole issues of doubt. And if we’re going to subscribe to the notions of an unreliable narrator, we should probably consider the possibility that what Henry-1 saw in Henry-2’s face might not have entirely been there. But even accepting that, the lack of answers remains frustrating. The run was bumpy, but mostly enjoyable, and I’m definitely down for a season two.


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