FAQ: The Small Town Pornographer’s Blues

This probably isn’t technically an FAQ because I don’t think any of these questions have been asked frequently, or even at all, but I do think people have or have had some questions about what the heck this project is, so it seemed worthwhile to set aside a page where I could answer some of those questions.

Q. What is The Small Town Pornographer’s Blues?

A. I’m glad you asked! The Small Town Pornographer’s Blues is an episode novel, which is to say it is a novel that will be published in smaller episodes. Currently the first episode Little Girls is available, with the second episode I’m Your Man on the way. I’m approaching this book almost like a season of television. Each season will be made up of five episodes, and at the moment there are at least two seasons planned.

Q. How can I purchase The Small Town Pornographer’s Blues?

A. You can buy the individual episodes as they’re released for 99 cents, or you can wait until the entire season is complete and all five episodes are published together as a “box set” for somewhere between $2.99 and $3.99 (I haven’t figured out the exact pricing of those collections yet). Or if you like supporting the author (me!) you can buy both! Because really, they’re not that expensive.

Q. Is The Small Town Pornographers Blues a pornographic novel?

A. No. At least I wouldn’t describe it as such. Instead, I would describe it as a novel with pornographic elements.

Q. Huh?

A. We all know that sex sells, especially on Amazon (I’m looking at you 50 Shades of Grey), so yeah, I wanted to write something kind of pervy. But I also wanted to try to write something with a hopefully compelling story, featuring characters that you’ll gradually connect to and start to care about.

Q. But why the episodic format?

A. A few reasons. First, it was an experiment, just to try something new. Lower prices hopefully lower the threshold of getting readers to pick up a book. Also, short episodes mean less of a grind for me as the author to get a book out the door onto Amazon’s virtual book shelves.

Q. Speaking of that, isn’t the second episode supposed to be out by now?

A. I didn’t say it necessarily worked. But yeah, the second episode was meant to be out in, I think, August or September of 2017, and as you can see, it’s not up there yet. Hey, maybe if a bunch of people run out and get a copy that’ll encourage me to get off my ass and finish the next part!

Q. What if I’ve already bought the book?

A. Do you have friends? Buy it for them! In fact, buy it for everyone  you know! Like I said, the first episode is super cheap. Think of it as the gift for the man who has everything. Or even the man who has nothing. Although he should at least have a Kindle or a smartphone or tablet, something that’ll run the Kindle app, otherwise it’s kind of a wasted gift.

Q. So where do I go to get it?

A. Here’s a link to the US Amazon store version. I’m pretty sure it should redirect you to whatever your local store is from there.