Aquaman, 2018 – ★★★★

Aquaman is a bit like the Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC Universe, in that when it was announced I was like, “Whut? Why would they do that?” but then after I watched it I was pretty impressed. No raccoons in this though, in case you were wondering.

Admittedly the DC Universe films have a pretty low bar to hit to be comparatively good, but this is definitely one of the better releases. Not quite as good as Wonder Woman in my opinion, but a pretty close second.

Design was stellar, loved the look of all the underwater stuff, and it definitely leaned into over-the-top nature of Aquaman. Also James Wan killed it behind the camera (there’s some really, really great shots in here) though his go-to move for fight photography seems to be to just spin the camera in a circle around the two guys fighting. It’s a 3.5 star movie that gets elevated to 4 because the design and director. IMHO.

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan


Cam, 2018 – ★★★½

There was a lot to like in Cam, not the least of which was the fact that it was telling the story of a sexually empowered female lead which I think Hollywood could certainly spend a bit more time doing. It’s not the story of someone who goes down the dark path of the camgirl and becomes terrorized. No, instead this is about a woman who becomes terrorized by the fact that she loses control of that one empowering aspect of her life.

Unfortunately the resolution didn’t entirely satisfy me, and the attempts to explain (on at least some level) how our lead’s cam account had been taken over just didn’t really click.

Tip of the hat to Medeline Brewer who manages to navigate the complexities of her character and bring to the screen a very believable performance whether she’s playing the sultry, on-camera Lola, or the slowly freaking-out Alice.

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018 – ★★★★½

When I first heard that Sony was planning an animated Spider-Man film, my response was a fairly epic eye-roll. The first trailer gave me hope, and every bit I saw of it after just pumped me up even more.

But here’s the thing. This movie is even better than any of those previews could have possibly made you think. This is maybe the best Spider-Man film we’ve ever had, and maybe the best comic-book movie yet to come out. It’s that good.

And somehow, we end up getting five or six different origin stories that don’t bog the movie down and also manage to acknowledge how tired we all are of origin spiders, especially for Spider-Man.

Between this and Teen Titans Go, it seems like the best way to get over comic book-movie fatigue is to go animated.

And also, apparently, hire Nic Cage to voice act. Who’d have thought?

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan

Unfriended: Dark Web, 2018 – ½

Well holy crap was this movie a giant steaming pile of turds.

Worst part? I was in it at the start. The setup was pretty great. Dude steals a computer, ends up finding out the computer was being used for some weird dark web kinda shit. Tension starts building.

And then they just shit all over the premise and decided to make this stunning crapfest of a movie instead. So disappointing.

Bad movies are bad enough to begin with. It’s so much worse when they initially show promise.

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, 2018 – ★★★★½

‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ is the perfect antidote for superhero movie fatigue. It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s basically a musical, it pokes fun at all those annoying superhero movie tropes, has a number of jokes about Superman’s mustache, has a Stan Lee cameo (yes, you read that right), and features a dolphin playing the drums, which is one of the bet things I’ve seen this year.

In other words, you really need to see this movie.

Vía Letterboxd – Todd Sullivan